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Worker hilariously quits job after correcting manager's grammar in angry note

They worked at a gas station where a letter was written by their ex-boss that threatened to fire workers for not working hard enough.

Worker hilariously quits job after correcting manager's grammar in angry note
Cover Image Source: Reddit / u/GlitteringSpell5885

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 5, 2023. It has since been updated.

Bad grammar has always been a major turn-off. It makes you question every aspect of a person, whether at work, school or on a date. A Reddit user who once worked at a gas station posted a letter written by their former boss that threatened to fire workers who supposedly weren't working hard enough. The post captioned, "How I quit my job at a gas station" had a photo of the letter in which the user had highlighted his boss' atrocious grammar and had added corrections right next to the words. The user also wrote that the boss wouldn't be able to pass an elementary-level assignment with that vocabulary. 

“You work for your hours!” the letter reads. “If you don’t work you won’t have the hours and you can start looking for another job! I rather [sic] work short-handed before I give someone that doesn’t work hours. Summer is coming and I have plenty of hours [to] give to the hard-working employees.” The employee corrected the letter by adding a comma in the middle of the second sentence and modifying, "before I" to "than" and "that" to "who" since the boss was speaking about people and not objects. The Reddit user gave the letter an 8/10 and a "B", which is quite generous. However, they did miss a "to" in the last sentence, maybe an additional comma after “hours,” in the second line, and the word “hard working” should have been hyphenated. 


The goal behind it all was to inject some humor into the Reddit user's decision to quit their job.“PS — You’ll never pass third-grade grammar and spelling like this,” the worker writes at the bottom of the letter. “I quit.” The Reddit user stated in a comment that they were exhausted while making the corrections and that the employees deserved some slack for putting up with such a demanding job. The boss reportedly grew up in the same town as the employee and is roughly 40 years old. Moreover, if the boss isn't likely to try and improve their grammar, they should at least make an effort to set a good example for their employees, which might inspire them to love their work rather than make petty threats.

Even today, many bosses complain about how nobody wants to work anymore. This is just a good illustration that shows how a person can easily find another job where they won't have to put up with any unfair treatment. Moreover, a toxic workplace is the number one reason why people quit their jobs. The good ol' 'like it or lump it" workplace mantra has been replaced with "leave it" in this current generation. Employees have more options than ever before in a highly competitive job market, so they don't have to settle for less if their present workplace is unpleasant, toxic, and immoral. Younger generations are a subset of the larger workforce and they're sick of working for businesses that do them more harm than good.

Reddit / u/GlitteringSpell5885
Reddit / u/GlitteringSpell5885


The comments from "Antiwork" are all in support of the Reddit user but they're unsure if the corrected note would sit well with the manager. "It was a good idea, but your editing doesn't quite cut it either," commented u/whataboutnaomi. "Based on small-business tyrants I've worked for, nothing infuriates them more than telling them you're smarter and better educated. One of my bosses clearly had a chip on his shoulder because I was in college and belittled me constantly. Quitting that job was one of the best days of my life," wrote u/xwing_n_it. User NeptunaSushi, who resonated with the employee penned, "Damn, that was petty af. I used to work at a gas station. I didn't last long bc the people were some of the biggest unprofessional losers I've ever met, and there were notes written just like this. Although some of the ones in my store even had misspellings. I bet if you asked this idiot why they can't write properly they'll tell you they "have dyslexia".

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