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Woman uses poetry to comfort stranger crying uncontrollably in restroom, gets heartwarming response

When Agnes overheard someone sobbing through the door of a stall in restroom, she kindly asked the person if they needed a hug or someone to talk to.

Woman uses poetry to comfort stranger crying uncontrollably in restroom, gets heartwarming response
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@agnesfrim

In a world where people rarely pay attention to someone's problems, having a stranger take care of your well-being is just pure gold. It is one of those heartwarming gestures that we get to see rarely. Thanks to Agnes (@agnesfrim), we got to witness the importance of humanity once again. She was out one day when she heard someone crying, and unlike what most people would do, which is just ignore and move on, she asked if the person was okay. It seems like a small gesture, but in the bigger play of things - it was a moment of genuine human concern and love. In times when people rarely care about the one next to them, Agnes went out of her way to make sure the stranger was alright. The world needs more people like her.



Agnes chose to speak up instead of staying quiet when a woman entered the toilets and sat crying in the cubicle next to her. She took to Twitter (now X) to share her story. She wrote in a tweet: "Last night I was in a loo and a woman entered the only other stall crying. I did the awkward shout-over and asked if she was ok or wanted to talk about it, or needed a hug." And as it turned out, the woman in the next stall could really use a hug. The woman said that her mother had only recently passed away and that she was missing her terribly. "She was crying because she missed her mum, who had died. And wanted a hug," shared Agnes.



She went on to add, "So while she was weeing I did the decent noise covering thing of ladies loos and read her a poem by Kim Addonizio titled "To the Woman Crying Uncontrollably in the Next Stall." Agnes also attached a screenshot of the poem from a book in her tweet. 



Agnes took her time to read the poem to the lady in the restroom, just to make sure that she wouldn’t feel alone in the quiet. The lady then asked for Agnes's name and number before they went their separate ways, and Anges gave the details to her. She said, "When she came out she asked for my name and mobile number and because it’s very difficult to say no to a woman crying about the death of her mother, I gave them to her." 



But something wonderful happened the next day. Agnes received a text from an unknown number which reminded Anges what she had done, and that text made her day. The text read: “I will never ever forget your voice through the closed door. Thank you, Agnes.” In response to this, Agnes said - "Anyway, it warmed me during a tricky week." Her heartwarming gesture not only brought a smile to the stranger's face but also made the day of netizens. You can read more about Kim Addonizio's poem in her new book titled "Now We're Getting Somewhere."

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