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Woman shares how husband greets her after work and it is winning everyone's hearts

She shares how her 'golden retriever' husband greets her every day while returning from work and the internet is smitten.

Woman shares how husband greets her after work and it is winning everyone's hearts
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @holly_burt

It is rare to find true love in this world. To have two people be excited to see each other every day is a beautiful sight to behold. Something similar can be seen in a video posted by Holly Burt—who goes on TikTok by @holly_burt—where she shows her husband coming back from work on a bus. From the bus, he makes the cutest gesture to announce his arrival and showcase his excitement at returning home to his beloved. The couple has a tradition of making such gestures every time they see each other while coming back home. With their cute antics in the video, the couple has already won many hearts, making the video go viral, garnering over 20 million views.

Image Source: TikTok/@holly_burt
Image Source: TikTok | @holly_burt

Burt perfectly encapsulated her husband in the caption, "I married a golden retriever." The video features a typical double-decker red bus going across the road. In the text overlay, Burt gave the context regarding the whole situation, "Every night my husband comes home from work, he calls me from the bus and wants me to wave at him from the living room." As the video goes on, the camera slowly zooms in and there he is, waving to his wife like a man completely in love.

Image Source: TikTok/@holly_burt
Image Source: TikTok | @holly_burt

The husband was waving from the upper section of the bus. It is a routine that the couple follows every day that elevates their reunion. The gesture is so beautiful to watch because unlike many who try to find beauty by going above and beyond in their daily life, this couple is going the simple route. Even with the simple route, they are getting the best of "returns." In no time, the video has crossed 2.7 million likes.

Image Source: TikTok/@mishpelle
Image Source: TikTok | @mishpelle
Image Source: TikTok/@kelsey_kotzur
Image Source: TikTok | @kelsey_kotzur

The comment section found the whole thing beyond adorable. @bmblbb just like everyone, was in love with the gesture and commented, "This is so funny and sweet. He commits to his wave too." @oliviacatherinelady shared how her father is the same and wrote, "I just realized my dad is a golden retriever boyfriend to my stepmum and that just melts my heart." @mcdietsch appreciated the efforts and commented, "Awwww, he sits in the front just to wave at you!" @dianem861 shared her own waving story and wrote, "My school bus went past my mom's job, I had to wave too, the whole freaking bus waved as did the bus driver, it's good to be loved!"

In a follow-up video, Burt revealed an interesting story about themselves. She shared that they went on their third date on national television. In her interview, she said, "Emory is a really sweet guy. He makes me smiley and giggly." Well, no doubts there. Holly's mother shared how her height has always been something people have taken note of in her life. However, the would-be husband proves himself to be a green flag again, saying, "I like the fact that she's tall." No surprise they got married. The chemistry was so palpable even from the screen.

@holly_burt Asking him to act like my boyfriend on national TV for our third date and saying yes… first green flag! #marriage #goldenretriever #couples #fyp #viral #love ♬ original sound - Holly Burt


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