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Michelle Obama fulfills 99-yr-old woman's dream to meet her a week before turning 100: 'Greatest b'day'

The South Philadelphia almost-centenarian revealed that her one wish was to meet the former First Lady.

Michelle Obama fulfills 99-yr-old woman's dream to meet her a week before turning 100: 'Greatest b'day'
Cover Image Source: Facebook/michelleobama

Eloise Brown has spent more than 80 years residing in Philadelphia. She is well renowned for her optimism, her devotion, and her family. As she approaches her 100th birthday, she just can't help but smile. She realized a dream on Saturday night. She wanted to meet former first lady Michelle Obama as a birthday present. And she got her wish. "It was my one only gift that I wanted for my birthday," Eloise said to CBS. "I can't even describe it. Absolutely wonderful. All I wanted to do was just shake her hand and I did it."

Local officials, along with Brown's family and friends threw her a birthday party last week. The South Philadelphia almost-centenarian revealed, while donning a crown, that her one wish to commemorate this occasion was to meet the former First Lady. The adorable senior did not realize that her wish was about to come true.


Last Monday, when Obama's team learned of Brown's request, they decided to do something about this request. And Brown's one desire was granted when Obama finished her speech on the stage. Michelle Obama was actually going to be on The Met's stage on Saturday night to promote her new book, "The Light We Carry," as part of a six-city tour. She attended the show alongside Hoda Kutb, TODAY show anchor. In the audience were Brown and her 95-year-old sister, Johnnie Devlin. Brown was ecstatic to meet Malia, Obama's daughter, in addition to the former First Lady. "They were glad to see me and I was overjoyed to see them," Brown said. "I can't even express it."


Both Devlin and Brown hugged their hero. Obama was described by the two as a woman of light and love. "The only thing that she ever wanted was to touch her, to talk to her, and to have that granted for her to be 100 is just amazing," Sakina Dean said. Brown, who will turn 100 on Tuesday, claims that this unexpected encounter was among her most moving experiences. "It is the greatest birthday I could ever have," Brown said. The former First Lady later shared the adorable encounter on her social media along with a video to commemorate the meeting, captioned, "If I make it to 100, I hope I look as good as you, Eloise. So great meeting you and your family in Philly."



On Instagram, the video has garnered over ten million views and 1 million likes, with many people sending love and wishes to the former First Lady, as well as the almost-centenarian. User @asherald commented, "Love the bun and love this moment" Another user, @lexitelevision commented, praising Eloise, "The way Mother stood up and their faces lit up!!! Praise God!!!" Another user @__lwoods explains why this means so much to women like Eloise, commenting, "Mannnn there’s so much to say about this. Those women have lived through almost every historical traumatizing event that has taken place against black people in America. For them to be able to see and touch the First Lady means literally everything."

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