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UberEats delivery partner hailed a hero for saving customer stranded on top of building: 'My king!'

In her viral video, which amassed 5.4 million views, Maggie explained to her viewers that 'no one was around' to help, so he took matters into her own hands. 

UberEats delivery partner hailed a hero for saving customer stranded on top of building: 'My king!'
Cover Image Source: TikTok / @voss_maggie

If you were stranded on a building or an island, your first resort would be to either call for help or spell out an 'SOS' on the sand. Easy, doable and helpful, right? But what if nobody picks up your call or chooses not to send a helicopter your way? Who would you call? This is the exact situation Maggie (@voss_maggie), a Tiktok user, found herself in. While many of us would be frantically scrolling through our phones, Maggie quickly analyzed the situation, called Uber Eats, and ordered food to escape from her apartment roof where she was stuck. In her viral video, which amassed 5.4 million views, she explained to her viewers that "no one was around" to help, so she took matters into her own hands. 


Maggie ordered food from Uber Eats with an instruction to buzz every apartment until someone would let the deliverer in. Once he had access to the building, she asked him to head up to the roof to let her out. “My king!” she called the rescuer. "5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey, the best Uber Eats delivery in Manhattan," she wrote in the caption, hilariously adding: "Safe in my apartment plus I have a burrito now / I call that a win."

Thousands of fellow TikTokers flocked to the viral clip with comments praising her quick thinking. User @mrpapadorgio wrote, "Improvise adapt overcome. Modern problems modern solutions." While @fire_tom_ems_81 said that many call the fire department in these situations, what Maggie did turn out to be extremely helpful. Hopefully, others will keep a note of this hack for when they find themselves in a similar scenario.


Image Source: TikTok / @voss_maggie
Image Source: TikTok / @voss_maggie


Image Source: TikTok / @voss_maggie
Image Source: TikTok / @voss_maggie

Uber has been known to come in handy for many people, offering ride service, food and more, and it turns out customers can even use the app to break free from sticky situations. However, this is not the only app women need to rely on. When nobody is around, you are left alone to fend for yourself, with the help of an app called 'Safe YOU,' you can be at ease and not panic in times of danger.

Safe YOU is a mobile application created in Armenia by a group of women who decided to use their professional knowledge to save people from violence. According to Jam News, after downloading the application on your phone, you only need to click on one icon in case of danger. Then, the data of a person in danger will be transferred to the police and the people they trust for help.


Mariam Torosyan, founder and CEO of Impact Innovations Institute, a social enterprise that created the Safe YOU mobile application, says that creating the application was a life-changing experience and that even unborn girls need protection. "I began to wonder why one woman could tell another that being a woman was worse than being a man. This became my intrinsic motivation. I realized that even unborn girls need protection in this world, and I don’t want my daughter to live in such a society," she said. As a first-class lawyer, Mariam has worked in the fields of social anthropology and public health issues. She decided that her idea should include all these principles and should serve to save lives.


The application also has  ‘individual rooms’, so women can get advice from an appropriate specialist", shared Mariam. She added that the entire development team was encouraged by others to help women and was also offered help by different specialties who wanted to make efforts to prevent violence against women.

Moreover, if an attacker gets a hold of the phone, there is an option for dual passwords. "So when the attacker gets suspicious and makes them show their phone, the woman enters the password that makes SAFE YOU appear as another application, for example, as a folder for photos or a calendar", explained Mariam Torosyan.

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