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Two dogs get adopted together after one jumps over a wall to be with another: 'There's my girl'

Brenda and Linda were dropped off at a Minneapolis shelter and put in separate kennels but they weren't going to be kept apart for long.

Two dogs get adopted together after one jumps over a wall to be with another: 'There's my girl'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Jozef Fehér

No wall can keep these pooches apart! Brenda and Linda were dropped off at a Minneapolis shelter in Minneapolis on May 22 and put in separate kennels. However, Brenda soon found a way back to her friend - she climbed over the wall separating them. Staff at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control were surprised to see both pit bulls together in one kennel while handing out treats to dogs at the shelter. “Once we moved them up to the adoption floor, we were able to find two kennels next to each other,” Madison Weissenborn, a volunteer coordinator at the shelter told USA Today. “Within minutes, (Brenda) was like ‘There's my girl’ and jumped over."


The shelter shared a brief clip (which is not available on their Facebook page now) showing the sneaky escape artist using her paws to pull herself over and leap down into her friend’s kennel. The two were so happy to be together again and even ran around in the small space and dashed off to the back of the kennel, seemingly to rejoice at being together again.

It was hard to deny that the two were inseparable and the duo was housed together in a different, larger kennel while they awaited a new family. “You can just see them frolicking together, so we were like ‘Alright, they're so happy and we can't separate them,' ” Weissenborn said.


The pair of pooches finally found their forever home together! They were adopted by a woman who recently lost her own dog. “It was truly like love at first sight,” Weissenborn said. “Brenda went right up to the female and Linda went right up to the male and they were like ‘Alright! package them up. Let’s go.’ It was meant to be.”

They ended up staying in Minneapolis too. "Pitties are notorious for having the zoomies and being active and sweet little things, so we just were worried that somebody might not be able to commit to two," Weissenborn said. "The first thing on Tuesday morning, somebody was here for them."


According to KARE 11, Cathy Walker fell in love with the two instantly. "I replayed [the video of them] again, and I was like no way, not in one shot," Walker said. "And I played it again. As of the day before, I didn't want to meet other dogs because we had lost our dog after 13-and-a-half years to weird cancer that we didn't know he had."

Walker explained at the time. Her husband, La Mar Walker was hesitant at first. "It was just to look, she just wanted to go see it," La Mar said with a smirk. "Thirty minutes later, we were taking them home. That was it! And I was like fine whatever — they deserve a chance like anybody else," he shared. "You can't split them up, even if we send them out to potty, one goes, the one outside notices the other one's not behind and sits at the door waiting for the other one to come out."

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