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This UPS driver was promoted after leaving the sweetest message for a new mom

Following a simple act of kindness, delivery driver Dallen Harrell received dozens of gifts for his new baby boy and even a full-time job with UPS.

This UPS driver was promoted after leaving the sweetest message for a new mom
Image Source: jesskitchel / Instagram

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on February 4, 2022. It has since been updated.

Dallen Harrell, 24, works as a delivery driver for UPS. When he passed by a house he recognized on his usual delivery route, he proceeded to perform an act of kindness without giving it much thought. Remembering that there was a stork ornament on the lawn the last time he visited, Harrell went up to the home's doorbell camera to wish the family congratulations on their newborn baby. The house owner, Jessica Hope, posted the video of his message on Instagram. After the video gained traction, UPS reached out to Harrell to offer him a promotion, Bored Panda reports.

"I was just so blown away by the fact that he took the time to stop and do it, and more so that he was so observant that he remembered this," Hope said in an interview with the news outlet. "He not only remembered it was our house, but he took the time to send me a message that he didn’t know if I would ever see." She claimed Harrell was "an angel sent to [her]." The 36-year-old mother from Roswell, Georgia, had spent three weeks feeling exhausted and isolated following her cesarian delivery. Therefore, the young man's message was a welcome act.


The message Harrell left was short but immensely sweet. He said into the camera, "If this is the ‘It’s a Boy’ house, I hope all is going well with your newborn. I had a child around the same time you guys did, and I just hope everything is going good. God bless and happy holidays." Posting the video on Instagram, Hope had no idea it would gain as much attention as it did. "It is really easy to focus on what isn’t going right now with staffing storages but it was good to be reminded that there are still great people working hard every day for us!" She wrote at the time. "I really wish I knew his name but I hope he comes back and if he does there will be diapers waiting for him!"


Several fellow Instagram users reached out to the new mom in order to help her track the delivery man down. Hope said, "So many people messaged me asking if I found him because they wanted to help, too!" Seeing the immense interest online, UPS reached out to her and revealed his identity. After having the opportunity to speak with him over the phone, she learned Harrell was completing deliveries as a part-time job over the Christmas holidays and did not have the chance to enjoy a proper baby shower for his baby boy. Therefore, she asked if she could post his registry online. After he said yes, dozens of folks reached out to Hope, sending her their confirmations of purchases of toys and supplies for the baby.

With around 15 packages getting delivered to Harrell's house every day, "the wishlist began getting wiped out," she said. In addition to this, he was offered a full-time position at UPS. The company announced, "This is one of many great examples of how our people are delivering what matters every day. Dallen’s action was heartwarming, so we helped to connect the customer with Dallen and we also offered him a permanent driver job. We’re thrilled to say he has accepted!" From delivery driver to internet sensation, Harrell's life has been completely shaken up. He affirmed, "When I left the comment at the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and so many blessings have followed behind."

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