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This sweet dad just wanted to let his gay son know he loves him. The internet helped him out.

When a father confirmed his suspicions about his son dating his "friend," he just wanted to let him know he was loved and accepted.

This sweet dad just wanted to let his gay son know he loves him. The internet helped him out.
Image Source: Astrakan Images/Getty Images (Picture for representation)

It can be difficult to come out to your parents if you're unsure about where they stand on homosexuality. The process can be especially difficult during the current outbreak when children part of the LGBTQ+ community could risk homelessness and therefore an even greater chance of catching COVID-19 if they come out. In these challenging times, a father wanted to offer his gay son emotional support and let him know that it's okay to love who you want to. Taking to Reddit, an anonymous father asked, "My son and his 'friend' are a couple. How do I let them know it's okay?" The internet came to his rescue.



The father explained that his son, who was studying at university in another state, had come back home in the midst of the pandemic. As he lived with a "roommate" from Canada, who would have faced several challenges if he tried to go back home or would have had to live alone during this time, his son asked if it would be okay if his "friend" joined the father-son duo at home. His father, already suspicious about how the pair of "friends" was actually a couple, did not hesitate to say it would be no problem. He wrote, "I've strongly suspected since his early teens that my son is gay, and I now more or less have confirmation that this is true and that his 'friend' is actually his boyfriend."



Ever since his son and his "friend" moved into the house, they have been slipping up and leaving hints about their relationship. His son's friend would call his son "babe" (out of habit) and the dad even almost walked in on them kissing once. The curious father's suspicions were confirmed, however, when he saw the pair cuddling one night. "As far as I was told, my son was sleeping in his childhood room and his 'friend' was in the guest room," he explained. "I don't know what possessed me to do so, but on Tuesday morning I cracked my son's door open to check on him like I used to when he was a kid. Lo and behold, they're both asleep, snuggled up together, in my son's bed. That's more or less solidified for me that they're together. I didn't say anything, just shut the door and went for [a] run, and I haven't mentioned it to them yet."



Of course, this can be a tricky situation for any parent. Forcing your child to come out is a breach of their privacy, but you obviously want them to know they would be loved and accepted no matter what. Therefore, the confused father reached out to Reddit users and asked for some advice. The top commenter suggested, "My mom sent me a text that said, 'You never have to admit anything to me that you’re not comfortable with. But if Jasmine was ever more than a friend, I’d want to make sure she knew she was loved here too.'" The dad wrote back, "Your mom sounds like a sweet lady. I'm glad you have her. I like this idea." While he's yet to post an update, we can only assume his son cried like everyone else who read his post did. We need more supportive parents like this incredibly sweet father.



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