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These rescue dogs get to choose their own Christmas gifts and it is the cutest thing ever

The dogs go tearing through the room one at a time. Some take to a toy instantly, while others play a little bit with toys before choosing one.

These rescue dogs get to choose their own Christmas gifts and it is the cutest thing ever
Cover Image Source:YouTube/ Dogs Trust Ireland

It's that time of year when everyone tries to be kind and put others first, spend extra time with family and friends, and celebrate love, joy, and peace. After all, the purpose of Christmas is to thank people for the good time spent together this year. But, while we attempt to be kind to our relatives and friends, we must not overlook those who truly want our attention. As a result, the workers at Canines Trust Ireland's Rehoming Center in Dublin made certain that the homeless dogs were not forgotten. The employees and a large number of supporters gave a variety of presents in order to provide a small miracle to people who had previously been abandoned.

What's truly unique about this place is that instead of the employees selecting a toy for each dog, they let the dogs choose their own Christmas present. Canines Trust Ireland even captured the excitement of a group of eager dogs being escorted into a room full of toys where they could select their Christmas gift. Many people are comparing the 2022 "Santa Paws Day" video to the one from last year, which has a whole bevy of canines—from a greyhound to a malamute to a lovely little puggle—running about and seeming plainly overwhelmed by all the options they have. As shown in the video, the crew meticulously put all of the toys on the floor before allowing the dogs to enter the room one at a time. The canines were overjoyed to be able to select their gifts from a variety of possibilities. While some canines chose their Christmas present right away, others spent their time inspecting each one to find the ideal one.



The names of each dog are displayed at the bottom of the YouTube video uploaded by the shelter. As per Newsweek, Dog Trust Ireland's PR and communications manager Corina Fitzsimons said,  "Christmas Day is always very special as everyone pitches in to ensure the dogs have a very special day. As a charity that receives no government funding, we rely solely on the generosity of our supporters who donated all the toys in the video. "We recorded 74 dogs choosing a toy over one day but left the toys set up for the following two days, so every dog got to pick a toy and every Canine Carer got to experience the joy of watching the dogs choose."



She continued, "It's a really uplifting experience, watching each dog's individual method of selection. Some dogs are so sweet and gentle that it brings a tear to your eye when they finally choose, whereas others bulldoze in, scattering toys everywhere and doing a victory lap when they have finally chosen. It's especially endearing for us humans when our favorite dog selects their toy and brings it straight to us to show it off, it makes you feel very honored!" Fitzsimons advises people to consider the commitment that comes with having a dog over the long term, even though the employees at the shelter would do anything to help the dogs find a fur-ever home.




The largest dog welfare organization in Ireland, Dogs Trust Ireland, has been operational since 2005. They concentrate on finding loving homes for dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds after their rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. According to what they post on their Facebook page, “working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.” They promise that they will “never destroy a healthy dog. As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs, and some delighted in the squeakiest toy they could find,” Dogs Trust Ireland wrote on their Facebook page. We should admit that just by seeing the joy of these lovely dogs we can certainly feel the Christmas spirit floating in the air!"


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