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She has us in splits after breaking 12 unspoken 'Italian rules' in front of her Italian husband

From breaking spaghetti in half to putting ketchup on her pasta, Sarah Mollica, an American, decided to prank her Italian husband by coming for his roots.

She has us in splits after breaking 12 unspoken 'Italian rules' in front of her Italian husband
Image Source: sarahemollica / Instagram

Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 23, 2021. It has since been updated.

In all cultures, there are certain rules that you just do not break. Maybe if you are Indian, that means not wearing shoes inside the house. Or, if you are Japanese, you must always follow appropriate chopstick etiquette. Likewise, Italians have several "unspoken rules" that, once broken, probably disqualify you from ever eating pasta again (or something along similar lines, I suppose). One brave American woman, Sarah Mollica, decided to take her chances and pull some pranks on her Italian husband, Carlo Longo, by breaking not one, but twelve, of these unspoken Italian rules. She records the pranks and uploads them to the internet, Bored Panda reports.

Some of the rules Mollica broke include telling her husband that they had plans during the Euro 2020 final and breaking spaghetti in half before boiling it in a pot. She has even gone as far as requesting pineapple on her pizza. In all instances, Longo seemed absolutely ready to disown her as his wife. For example, when she asked him what he would do if she were to put ketchup on her pasta, he was completely disgusted by the thought. He states in the video, "If you try to put ketchup on pasta, you will not eat for one year in my house."


In other videos, he even jokes about calling the police (ACAB) on Mollica if she were to commit any of the 12 sins of being Italian. For instance, when the young woman claims in one video that she planned to add hot dogs to carbonara pasta, he says he will call the police for such a violent crime. At a loss for words, he chides, "Che che che che." Nonetheless, he stands his ground, reaffirming that the combination would not come to fruition while the couple is together in Italy.


Viewers on Instagram and TikTok have come to deeply appreciate Mollica's pranks and, of course, Longo's over-the-top reactions. One user commented on an Instagram video, "Damn, I'm loving this dude more with each video." A fellow Italian added, "We’re very rigid in our food rules. The proper way is the only way." Despite her antics, it is evident that her husband loves her immensely. In a video where she dips her french fries into ice cream, he looks at her with equal parts affection and horror. "The way he says your name," one Instagram user noted. "With such love and yet so much confusion."


The couple's videos have amassed an ardent fan following online, with some of their videos being watched upwards of a million times on Instagram and TikTok, each. Mollica and Longo recently got married to each other and uploaded an adorable black and white photo from their beautiful ceremony in Italy. Evidently, hundreds of users across the internet are rooting for this playful couple. You can watch all of Mollica's pranks on her Instagram profile.


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