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She couldn't see her dad because of the pandemic. So she took a job at his nursing home.

Lisa Racine from Minnesota took up a second job at her father's nursing home in order to spend more time with him.

She couldn't see her dad because of the pandemic. So she took a job at his nursing home.
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The ongoing public health crisis has made it difficult for families to bond together as they usually did, particularly if families include high-risk individuals such as senior citizens. Lisa Racine from Minnesota decided to find a way around that. In order to spend more time with her father, who is currently a resident at a nursing home, she decided to take up a job as a part-time food nutrition assistant at the very home he lives in. Now, she works at the Good Samaritan Society in Stillwater, Minnesota, where she can meet her father Harold Racine, 87, whenever she wishes, Good Morning America reports.



"I really enjoy the other residents that live there," Racine said in an interview with the news outlet. "They're so sweet, and unfortunately they're not getting visitors, so I kind of am their visitors." Therefore, although lockdown restrictions are easing up and visitations are finally allowed again at the Good Samaritan Society, Racine has decided to keep her current job. Presently, some of her responsibilities as a nutritionist include prepping desserts, setting the table, and serving meals to residents. Once she has completed her tasks, she clocks out and is able to talk with her father. They even video chat with other family members.



Harold Racine moved into the nursing home a year ago in order to receive additional care and support. He worked in the printing industry before he retired. He is the proud father of eight children and has 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. His wife, and Racine's mother, Patricia Racine, sadly passed away nine years ago. When the pandemic first hit the United States, he could only hold visitations with his family members outdoors, and then, through the window. However, when it got colder, these were disallowed as well. "Then the weather got really cold, and window visits got less frequent," Racine explained. "I got really frustrated that I couldn't see my dad, and my siblings felt the same way so I decided to get a job there."



The nursing home administrator at the Good Samaritan Society is Rene Racine. When she inquired if there was a job opening, she applied, completed the interview process, and was offered the position. Rene stated, "It is very nice to see them together. My uncle heard [about Lisa getting the job], and he was so excited and so happy that he was going to have a family member here. He was really surprised that she would do that, because she does have a full-time job." Racine works at the nursing home a few nights a week and over the weekend after working her full-time job at a printing company. She is particularly grateful for the time she gets to spend with her father as he recovered from having COVID-19 in the fall. The father-daughter duo were both vaccinated together, and Racine said she felt fortunate to have that perk as an employee.


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