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Heroic dog saves baby from burning home after refusing to leave her side until help arrived

Blue the rescue dog saved the life of Janet Kelley's 1-year-old daughter, Chantal, during a house fire.

Heroic dog saves baby from burning home after refusing to leave her side until help arrived
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ FOX 2 Detroit

Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes they come with something extra special - a heart of gold. We all have heard about the loyalty and bravery of these dogs, whether it be saving people from drowning, leading the way to safety during natural disasters, or even saving their families from a house fire. Janet Kelley, a 40-year-old mother of four from Detroit, had a devastating experience that she will never forget. Two years ago, she adopted a street dog named Blue from Detroit Dog Rescue. During the night, her family home caught fire and Blue sprung into action. Despite the thick, black smoke that had engulfed the house, Blue ran back in to make sure that Kelley's 1-year-old daughter, Chantal, still in her playpen, was found by the firefighters. Kelley was relieved to find that Blue had led the firefighters to Chantal in time. “He went running back into the house because he knew Chantal, my youngest, was in her playpen,” Kelley told Fox 2. “The firefighters had to chase him up — and once they got up there, they realized what was going on,” said Kelley, per USA TODAY.


Kelley had adopted Blue as a mix of a Pit Bull and a Labrador, who had spent his first year living on the street. She was aware of how protective Blue was of Kelley's family and added that he was also best friends with the family cat, Smokey.

“He also loves his best friend Smokey, the family cat,” she said, seemingly without noting the cruel irony of her other surviving pet’s name. Janet Kelley and her fiancé Davis were at Walmart with her two children, aged 7 and 9, when they received a phone call that their home was on fire. Despite the shock of it all, the family was able to rent a hotel room for two nights after receiving a $290 donation to their GoFundMe campaign. Unfortunately, they do not have renter's insurance and the landlord refused to give them any compensation.

Image Source:  GoFundMe
Image Source: GoFundMe


In response to the tragedy, their family friend Poni Melange has been assisting and advocating for the family. She noted that there is little help available for families in similar situations and that people like Kelley, who lost her own mother two years ago, are left in dire positions. Kelley wishes her children to be safe and warm and not worry about where they will be sleeping every night. With the help of the community, they will hopefully be able to get back on their feet.


Rescue dogs are often overlooked, but they have the potential to be loyal, brave and loving companions. Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience and it can help to save the life of an animal in need. Blue's story is a reminder of the power of rescue dogs and how they can make a difference in people's lives. We can all learn something from Blue's story and use it to inspire us to help other animals in need.

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