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'Popcorn Guy' mesmerizes the internet with serving skills, gets invited to the Oscars by Jimmy Kimmel

He got famous after a customer filmed him pulling off his amazing popcorn-serving skills.

'Popcorn Guy' mesmerizes the internet with serving skills, gets invited to the Oscars by Jimmy Kimmel
Image Source: TikTok/oanderle

Doing your chores as an adult can be extremely tiring and monotonous as you do the same thing over and over again. For this very reason, we all look for different ways to add some fun to mundane daily activities to keep ourselves going. Jason Grosboll works at a movie theater concession booth in Corpus Christi, Texas became a mini-celebrity after finding an innovative way to make his work fun. Grosboll is now been known as "The Popcorn Guy" when a guest called Oscar, who goes by the handle @oanderle on TikTok, caught a fascinating video of him enchanting clients with his popcorn-serving talents, per My Modern Met

He doesn't just fill the bucket; he rotates it to equally spread the butter and transforms the whole thing into a spectacular display that approaches the excitement of a movie. Oscar was on his way to see Avatar 2 when he became enthralled with Grosboll's method of serving popcorn and decided to record a video of it. He slowed down the footage and applied filters, and captured his own reaction. That initial video has been seen 6.6 million times. When his fans urged him to share the original film to see what he saw, the response was even greater—the second TikTok has been watched over 15 million times and had over 1 million likes. 

Several people commented on Oscar's video, applauding the exceptional skills of Crogboll. One user, @happyguy, commented, "That guy knows the value of well-buttered popcorn. Irene, another TikTok user, commented, "When you like what you do, Not only for the money. They come out perfect. Great attitude. He would be amazing anywhere." Another user, Andre Peterson, said, "This man is an artist. Popcorn then butter. Then popcorn and more butter. Love it." TikTok user @denise, said, "Definition of making his job worth his while. I mean why not have fun while working." 


The video's success won The Popcorn Guy a late-night TV appearance when Jimmy Kimmel compared his talents to those of the Harlem Globetrotters. During the show, the concession stands worker disclosed that he had been with the business for ten years, but just started executing the amusing popcorn serving tricks around five years ago, after witnessing a coworker attempt and fail to rotate the bucket. Grosboll remembers being bored one day and just learning how to do it on his own, finally perfecting it. Though he attempted a similar trick with the Coke machine, he confesses he merely produced a mess and will stick to popcorn for the time being. 



With his increased focus, he could try again with the soda machine. Given his existing powers, it wouldn't be surprising if he mastered that as well. For the time being, Kimmel has invited Grosboll to the greatest popcorn serving-venue, the Academy Awards. The late-night talk show host will host the event and has requested Grosboll to assist him with his superb abilities and popcorn scooper, per The Bend Mag. Kimmel asked him during the show, "Do you think you can get the weekend off to make popcorn for Tom Cruise?" On March 12, 2023, ABC will broadcast the 95th Academy Awards and it will be exciting to see Grosboll in attendance if it happens.

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