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People share the best compliments they have ever received and it's all kinds of wholesome

A few kind and appreciative words do not just make someone's day but also become a long-lasting source of happiness sometimes.

People share the best compliments they have ever received and it's all kinds of wholesome
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels |  Karolina Grabowska, (R) Reddit | u/Bacibaby

Being complimented feels wonderful because it validates our efforts and affirms our self-worth. When someone offers a genuine compliment, it acknowledges our strengths, achievements and qualities, boosting our self-esteem and confidence. It fosters positive emotions, such as happiness and gratitude, creating a sense of connection and goodwill with the person giving the compliment. To know more about how people feel about being complimented, Reddit user u/Bacibaby asked on the r/AskReddit thread, “What is a compliment you will remember till you die?” And the answers will definitely make your day!

The most common kind of compliments are those on physical attributes. u/littlepinch7 shared a story narrating, “I was in my early 20s and I went out on the town with some girlfriends. I wore an outfit that was way out of my comfort zone. It was a black short skirt (I always wear pants) that flared out with a matching top. It showed a bit of midriff and I was self-conscious.”

They continued, “Before we even got into the bar, we ran into a couple of girls we didn’t know outside. I remember the one girl did a double take and just started freaking out. She went on and on and told me how gorgeous I looked and how amazing my outfit was. She had obviously been drinking, but it didn’t matter. She changed my whole night around and I suddenly felt like the hottest girl on the planet. I still remember her voice when I’m trying to pump myself up in the morning. I love women who love women.”

Image Source: Reddit | u/DiligentCockroach700
Image Source: Reddit | u/DiligentCockroach700

A few people on the thread also mentioned things or compliments they heard in a professional capacity that stayed with them. u/roypdx said, “I was kind of a one-man show working to build out a technical sales team at my company. I was in a customer meeting and the worldwide sales manager introduced me, highlighted some of my accomplishments, and told the customer ‘Imagine what we could do if we could hire 5 more of him.’”

Another Reddit user, u/NoQuarterGiven stated: “I worked for this old man (Vietnam vet, he literally survived being blown up by a mortar) doing hardwood floors when I was 18. I worked/lived with him for a year and a half. When I told him I was quitting to move back to Florida he told me, ‘You're not the smartest, you're not the strongest, but you got balls kid, and that'll get you where you need to be.’”

Image Source: Reddit | u/AJTheProphet
Image Source: Reddit | u/AJTheProphet

Speaking about how the smallest compliments can be remembered for a lifetime, u/AlarminglyConfused shared: “When I was in 7th grade Allison Shores told me she liked my shirt. I'll never forget that. I’m 32.” u/jessthebbyx commented, “I feel like 'I love your energy' is a really general but epic compliment. Some people love your looks, and your voice, but an energy just seems like a really warm compliment and you have to mean it. And it feels great to hear!”

Image Source: Reddit | u/Mystic_Snail721
Image Source: Reddit | u/Mystic_Snail721

Compliments serve as a reminder that our actions and attributes are valued by others, contributing to a more positive self-perception and a brighter outlook on life. After all, receiving compliments not only feels wonderful but also has a profound impact on our emotional well-being and self-assurance.

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