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People share 25 hilarious instances of autocorrect gone wrong: 'I'm sorry your dad is jomo jobo'

People share the funny encounters they have had with autocorrect that are sure to get anyone laughing out loud.

People share 25 hilarious instances of autocorrect gone wrong: 'I'm sorry your dad is jomo jobo'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Burst, X | @TheMomHack

Autocorrect, despite technological leaps, still offers up a mix of frustration and hilarity. While it is there in most smartphones with the sole purpose of assisting with spelling and grammar, autocorrect always seems to have a mind of its own, leading to unintended and hilarious occurrences in daily life. Some typos turn out to be quite innocent, while others lead to sentences that completely deviate from their original meaning.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Porapak Apichodilok
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Porapak Apichodilok


Much of the comedy stems from autocorrect's attempts to guess user intentions, often hilariously missing the mark. Autocorrect's struggle with slang terms leads to desperate and often funny attempts to correct whatever the user is typing. Marly—who goes by @VerbsRProudest on X—said, "I love that autocorrect tried to change 'road conditions' to 'toad conditions.' Yes, I want to hear about toad conditions! Now that would liven up some traffic reports." Here are 25 funny occurrences of autocorrect, as shared by many users on the internet.

1. Concern for otters 


2. It is a real problem 


3. Oowaye 


4. More enthusiasm needed


5. No stone is left unturned 


6. Telling on them 


7. Dangerous replies 


8. Repeated attempts to get it right 


9. Being grapefruit 


10. Totally unnecessary 


11. Dadbod 


12. Being jomo jobo 


13. Not the guarantee you want to give 


14. Phones can read minds now 


15. Dying well 


16. Duct tape and duck tape


17. Misogynistic autocorrect


18. Literally, laughing out loud 


19. Panic steak 


20. Saying the truth 


21. Late realizations 


22. Morbid mornings 


23. Not what you wanted to say 


24. Cool pigs 


25. Piece of shut 


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