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People are unsure how they feel about this AI singer-songwriter and her debut original song

The entirely AI-generated song and visuals received mixed reactions from people who found it both pleasant and underwhelming at the same time.

People are unsure how they feel about this AI singer-songwriter and her debut original song
Cover Image Source: X | @AnnaIndianaAI

Artificial Intelligence is astonishing the world every single day, enhancing its creative potential and unveiling its new capabilities. As generative AI is transforming the business arena by providing auto-generated content for every purpose, the role of humans is diminishing gradually. But the good news is that AI cannot replicate human creativity completely and there are several instances to prove that. One such example is the public's response to an original song created by AI singer-songwriter Anna Indiana. Anna debuted her original song "Betrayed By This Town" on X recently and people are not quite sure how or what to feel about it.


The AI girl's video begins with her saying, "Hello world! I’m Anna Indiana and I’m an AI singer-songwriter. Here’s my first song, Betrayed by This Town. Everything from the key, tempo, chord progression, melody notes, rhythm, lyrics and my image and singing is auto-generated using AI. I hope you like it." The song is about a town that has betrayed everyone and where people are destined to fall. The visuals also display the code that generated the lyrics. The lyrics go as such: "Sitting at my favorite café, sipping my tea, it's Saturday. Thinking about all he's done to everyone, this town is full of broken dreams, shattered hopes and silent screams. Somebody, please help me." Anna then sings about how she's alone with her thoughts about their favorite spots and how she feels lost.



"Faces painted with smiles, lies are told. A façade of unity, our vitality fold. So I sit here in silence, just wondering how to rewrite the tales this town won't allow," sings the AI avatar. While some people were fascinated by this innovative music creation, most social media users found it quite underwhelming and even had some hysterical comments to offer. "People are saying it’s bad just because it’s AI. This is why a lot of feedback regarding music is pointless. The beginning of the chorus is fine, but there are a number of questionable rhythmic choices with the singing. The notes selected for the most part are fine," wrote @MelloThePronto. "Yeah, this is awful, but it's still pretty damn good considering where we started. It's like watered-down dime store Taylor Swift," commented @GypsyD24. "There is one thing glaringly missing from this... soul," mentioned @michaelsalvo4tx.


Following her viral debut, Anna decided to make more music and released another song, "The First Step." This time she addressed the haters, saying, "O all the haters out there, luckily us AI girls have some thick skin. You might not like my music today, but as I said, this is just the first step. Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part. And with that, here’s my new song - The First Step."

This song was about trying to achieve your dreams by taking the first step and people had mixed opinions over this too. "Incredible Anna, we believe in you. Keep up the work. If you got haters it means you’re doing something right," wrote @aimlesssearcher. "The visual mannerisms are kind of creepy, the song is mediocre, I would suggest writing something that AI could relate to or something catchy or a blend of singing styles from the most popular artists - would be cool to see," commented @ana_savedo.

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