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Parents share 25 funny anecdotes where they realized making kids do chores is a tough nut to crack

Asking kids to complete household chores is not as easy as it sounds and parents know it very well.

Parents share 25 funny anecdotes where they realized making kids do chores is a tough nut to crack
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto, X | @kristabellerina

Convincing kids to tackle household chores is a Herculean task for parents, met with groans and eye rolls at every turn. As a result, they go to great lengths to devise excuses just to avoid doing the work they have been assigned. From claiming sudden illness to saying that they have homework to complete, the list of excuses is endless. Nobody can blame them as well because doing chores is not fun for all. 


Many users on X have been sharing the creative responses that they have received from kids who were asked to do chores. Some of them have also shared hilarious anecdotes where they realized that they can work their fingers to the bone but still can't make children interested in chores. Here are 25 of the most hilarious tweets that summarize the playful nature of little ones. 

1. An attempt to make chores fun


2. Parents sometimes adopt tricky tactics too 


3. Asking genuine questions 


4. Kid math 


5. Rewriting the rules 


6. Nobody wants to do chores 


7. Crucial moments of doing a chore 


8. Turning off the Wi-Fi 


9. Got himself into that one 


10. Memories fail when it comes to chores 


11. Sometimes it's best to just do it yourself 


12. Priorities 


13. Sibling delegation 


14. Unrealistic goals 


15. Chores only happen in fairy tales 


16. No idea what he got himself into 


17. Outliers do exist 


18. Drastic measures to avoid future chores 


19. Can't really blame them 


20. Dentists can relate 


21. No compromises for ice cream 


22. One can keep hoping


23. All about convenience


24. Really high prices 


25. Truly frustrating 


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