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Once a victim of animal cruelty, Loki the raven is now embracing his life with newfound hope

His remarkable journey encapsulates the profound impact of human empathy on the lives of abused animals.

Once a victim of animal cruelty, Loki the raven is now embracing his life with newfound hope
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lokitheraven

A staggering 10 million animals meet a tragic fate due to abuse in America annually, according to the World Animal Foundation. This heart-wrenching reality stems from various factors, spanning from exploitation to poaching. Loki the Raven was also one of the unfortunate animals, who had to suffer the cruelty of some selfish human beings. However, he was one of the lucky ones after being saved by Coda Falconry and is now enjoying a life filled with love and care, per Celebrity Pets. Presently, he not only enjoys robust health but also engages in a medley of delightful antics that captivate a global audience through his Instagram account. Loki's journey underscores the transformative power of human empathy, demonstrating how it can mend the lives of these vulnerable beings.


Ravens are one of the biggest victims of animal exploitation with almost 10,000 of them slaughtered annually, per In Defence of Animals. They are oftentimes killed to make space for the expanding human population. In the case of Loki, he was treated poorly by his original owners, who raised him in captivity. They did not know how to properly take care of him and left him with many injuries. More than the physical injuries the emotional harm that they put him through is what caused the most impact on him.

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Loki has come a long way since he arrived in Coda Falconry. On his arrival, he was scared of everyone and everything because of the way he was treated in his captivity. After being rescued at the age of one he was surrendered to Coda Falconry, a bird of prey center, in West London, England. He displayed an aggressive attitude and was not in the most prime shape with a lot of missing feathers. Slowly, though he began to come around after getting a sense that he was in safe hands.

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Loki found his biggest supporter in Elliot, who also became his best friend at the center. The pair love to take walks in the countryside and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Loki, fortunately, has his wings intact and to this date flies all over the property, but always returns back to the center. He loves his home and loves living with all his friends. Since he was bred in captivity, he does not have the tools to survive in the open, a fact that he seems to be aware of.


He is a very fun-loving bird and is known across the center as someone who gets into a lot of mischief. He loves getting into scritching sessions having garnered many fans in the centre and on Instagram. The raven is also a smart cookie who can hold his own while solving puzzles if treats are at stake. His artistic side is not limited to just scritching as he also knows how to rock out with a guitar. His page has many of his melodious jamming sessions with his bestie, Eric. Loki through his adorable antics has garnered a solid fan following on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. At present, he has become one of the main attractions of the centres having people visit him in hordes to spend some time in his presence.

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