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Mom-to-be walks out of her baby shower after husband and in-laws treat her like an incubator

A frustrated mom-to-be recently shared on Reddit how her husband and in-laws have been pretty much treating her like nothing more than a baby incubator.

Mom-to-be walks out of her baby shower after husband and in-laws treat her like an incubator
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As Mark Twain famously put it, truth is often stranger than fiction. If there's one place on the internet that proves just how right the iconic author was when he wrote those words, it has to be Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole community. For example, take this post by a frustrated mom-to-be where she describes how her husband and in-laws have been pretty much treating her like nothing more than a baby incubator. What starts out as the soon-to-be father going a bit overboard with his excitement quickly turns into something that could be right out of a  psychological horror film.

"Husband and I are pregnant with our first child. I'm happy he's excited, and I appreciate all of his efforts, but he has gone way overboard and a lot of the 'nice' things he does just makes me feel like... an incubator. 'As a joke,' he started calling me 'Mommy,' and now won't call me by my first name," the Reddit user notjustmommy11 wrote. "It's one of those 'Haha I only do it because it's funny it bothers you so much!' things that actually really does bother me, as I've repeatedly asked him to stop and been clear why I hate it," she continued.

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To make matter worse, the annoyed, expectant mother also has to deal with her overbearing in-laws who came with a unique plan to help her bond with the baby's name. The Redditor revealed that they'd taken a leaf out of her husband's book and instead of her calling her by her name, they acknowledged her as "Mama Patrick, or Mama Pat, or weirdly, just Pat." It's not hard to imagine how annoying it must be for her to be around these folks. "At Christmas, all my gifts were baby things, addressed solely to 'Pat.' Same with my birthday card/gift certificate from my husband," notjustmommy11 revealed.

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However, the final nail in the coffin for the frustrated mom-to-be was the baby shower her mother-in-law organized despite having explicitly been asked not to. "I found out that my mom had been trying to organize a shower for me but my mother-in-law kept insisting that it was already 'taken care of.' I told my MIL I don't want her to throw me a shower, especially as I knew it would be just like my bridal shower and she wouldn't invite any of my friends or loved ones," the Redditor wrote.

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"Well, guess what the 'spa day' he got me for my birthday turned out to be? Immediately after walking in, my mother in law’s best friend comes up to me, sticks her hand UNDER MY SHIRT to rub my stomach, and points out the cake. It’s one of those disgusting 'baby coming out of the woman' cakes, complete with fake poop. I'm a normal person and pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I would never find that cute," she said. Not only was the cake visually the least appealing thing for the pregnant Redditor, but also something she couldn't eat as she couldn't have dairy or processed food. But, wait, this gets a whole lot weirder and creepier.

"I grabbed my purse and told my husband I wanted to go home. He said 'no, the baby is the guest of honor, you have to stay!' I was f***ing finished so I started to order an Uber to go home. He took my phone out of my hand and told me I was being crazy and hysterical," she added. That's a red flag alert if there ever was one, am I right? The Redditor continued: "At no point was I raising my voice. I excused myself to 'go to the bathroom' and walked out. I walked a few blocks down to a library and used their phone to call a cab. When I got home I shot my husband a few messages saying where I was."

"Now, my husband is completely beside himself with rage, and my in-laws have been telling my husband to leave me and get full custody of the baby (apparently what I did is proof that I’m crazy). Although the time between me leaving and confirming my whereabouts to my husband was less than a half-hour, the police had been called, though by the time they got there my husband already knew I was home safe. Husband slept in the guest room last night and says he’s 'seriously considering' having me taken to the ER to see a psych doctor 'for the baby’s safety.' His intense reaction is making me question myself, but overall, I don't feel like I'm in the wrong here," she concluded. What do you think? Is she overreacting or is it way past time she changed her identity and moved across the country? I'm leaning towards the latter.

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