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Mom passionately defends keeping her music CD collection, wins hearts online: 'I'm keeping the CDs'

'I like Anita Baker. I wanna hear her. I won't remember that she's even alive.'

Mom passionately defends keeping her music CD collection, wins hearts online: 'I'm keeping the CDs'
Image Source: Hayden Begley/TikTok

We hold our material possessions close to our hearts especially if they have an emotional sentiment attached to them. In a world where minimalism is becoming increasingly popular, there are still things that we will never get rid of and for this mother, it's her collection of CDs. In a viral TikTok video posted by Hayden Begley, she explains her mother's attachment to her CDs. She starts the video by showing a long table filled with old records and says, "This is my family's collection of CDs. We don't even have a CD player BTW." 

She starts saying, "And what I am trying to make them understand…" when she is cut off by her mother who loudly declares that she doesn't care what her daughter has to say. The mother added, "I'm keeping the CDs. I got rid of my albums and they came back. I'm not letting this," suggesting that she got rid of her albums and they are back in trend now and maybe the CDs will too. 



The daughter replies, "Okay, but here's the thing is that if you like a song on here I could play it faster than you'd be able to open this." The mother replies by saying, "No remember the songs I like, I like seeing them and go, 'Oh I like Oingo Boingo. I like Anita Baker. I wanna hear her. I won't remember that she's even alive.' " 

The video correctly portrays that the physical form of music in the form of CDs and records is a different experience than just doing a quick search on your music app. Many TikTok users said that they should keep the CDs as they are priceless to which Hayden replied, "Just to be clear: I only wanted to get rid SOME of the CDs. There were over two hundred (I’m not joking) and they DONT HAVE A CD PLAYER."



Most people said that Hayden's mother is not doing anything wrong in keeping her collection. One user said, "If they're not yours, no need to do anything. I'm with Mom." Another commented, "You will never understand what it was like going to a record store and buying it." A third user chimed in, "Sony makes a 200 disc player. Just get one of those. They’re not that big. And all CDs would be stored and playable. Done."


The comments reveal that majority of the people who have these physical forms of albums and songs keep them even though they don't have a CD player. A user noted, "Keep them. Not all albums are on streaming services. Cover art, liner notes, etc.)" Another emphasized the fact that not all albums are available in digital forms by commenting, "The fact that people are collecting cassette tapes now, it’s worth holding on. Also, several CDs I own aren’t on digital platforms currently, sadly."



The video was also reposted on Twitter by Bead Esposito and has gathered over 175k likes with thousands of comments. A person tweeted, "CDs are going to come back. Paying for streaming is getting annoying, playlists aren’t great and now there are more ads." Another added, "I do not understand the disrespect today's generation has towards physical media. It lasts forever and I love being able to revisit things I had as a kid," while posting their own collection of CDs.

It isn't clear if CDs are ever going to come back, however, they do hold a sentimental value for people who own them. It is a great piece of history and the most authentic form of music that dates back decades.








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