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Miss Mexico 2020 contestants redefine 'breathtaking' in vibrant traditional outfits

Photographs of contestants sporting designer-made versions of the nation's exquisite traditional outfits left the internet in complete awe.

Miss Mexico 2020 contestants redefine 'breathtaking' in vibrant traditional outfits
Image Source: Facebook/Miss Mexico Organization

No matter how many new trends rock the fashion industry, some things simply don't go out of style. While most hot new things on the runway go from fab to drab in a year or two, fashion staples like the tuxedo jacket, LBD, wrap dress, leather jacket, traditional cultural outfits, etc., have survived the tides of time for decades and in some cases, centuries. The key to ensuring their survival lies in adapting them for the changing times without straying too far from their characteristic properties and this is exactly what designers did for the Miss Mexico 2020 competition.


Last week, the Miss Mexico Organization shared photographs of their 2020 contestants sporting designer-made versions of the nation's exquisite traditional outfits and the internet was completely in awe. Simply breathtaking in every sense of the word, the outfits perfectly represented the rich heritage and cultural wealth of the country while enhancing the beauty of the women wearing them. However, as stunning as the costumes and the contestants are, part of the credit for the mesmerizing quality of the photographs goes to the photographers who did a stellar job of capturing their subjects.


The talented minds behind the camera were able to enhance the connection between the land and the culture it gave birth to by photographing the models outdoors instead of an indoor studio. The intricate and vibrant outfits worked in perfect synergy with their surroundings, adding to the aesthetic value of the images. According to Bored Panda, a total of 32 contestants competed to advance to the next round, of which six were selected by viewers and six by the judges. These include Miss Sonora, Miss Michoacan, Miss Guanajuato, Miss Estado De México, Miss Quintana Roo, Miss Guerrero, Miss Colima, Miss Sinaloa, Miss Coahuila, Miss Campeche, Miss Nayarit, and Miss Oaxaca.


"The regional costumes are made by designers and they are the ones who will keep them," revealed a Miss Mexico spokesperson. "The judges were foreigners, so they have had the opportunity to learn about the country's regions and soak up all the culture and legends the costumes had to offer."


Feast your eyes on the mind-blowingly ravishing images we've been raving about:

1. Miss Aguascalientes


2. Miss Baja California


3. Miss Baja California Sur


4. Miss Campeche


5. Miss Mexico City


6. Miss Chihuahua


7. Miss Chiapas


8. Miss Coahuila


9. Miss Durango


10. Miss Colima


11. Miss State of Mexico


12. Miss Guanajuato


13. Miss Guerrero


14. Miss Hidalgo


15. Miss Michoacan


16. Miss Morelos


17. Miss Nayarit


18. Miss Jalisco


19. Miss Nuevo Leon


20. Miss Puebla


21. Miss Queretaro


22. Miss Oaxaca


23. Miss Quintana Roo


24. Miss Sinaloa


25. Miss Tabasco


26. Miss Tamaulipas


27. Miss Tlaxcala


28. Miss Veracruz


29. Miss Zacatecas


30. Miss Yucatán


31. Miss San Luis Potosi


32. Miss Sonora


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