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40-something man embarrasses himself with petty comeback when teen at gym rejects his advances

Rather than accept her rejection like a sport, the unidentified man hit back with a petty retort.

40-something man embarrasses himself with petty comeback when teen at gym rejects his advances
Cover Image Source: Instagram/avrey ovard

A 19-year-old model is urging men not to hit on women at the gym after going through an awkward situation involving an older man. Avrey Ovard — who has almost a million followers on YouTube and close to 190k on TikTok, recently shared a video of a middle-aged man asking her out to dinner while she was filming her workout. The video, which has been viewed over 2.4 million times on TikTok since being uploaded earlier this month, shows the man initially approaching Ovard to ask whether she's filming a video. According to overlay text on the viral clip, the man returned five minutes later. 


Ovard revealed that, after motioning for her to remove her headphones, he asked for her name and proceeded to drone on about something she didn't care about. Despite the teen pointedly trying to end the conversation and get back to her phone, the man went on to tell her about "how he tore something and is going to physical therapy for it." After beating around the bush for a while, the dude finally got to the point and asked her out to dinner. "But um... when I'm able to get out, you might not be here. I wanted to get your number for... dinner," he is said to have told Ovard while trying to hand her his phone.


"Oh I'm sorry," Ovard responded. "I'm too young for you." Rather than accept her rejection like a sport, the unidentified man can be heard asking Ovard: "Oh yeah?" before embarrassing himself with the pettiest comeback. "Well I'm too rich," he told her defensively and walked away while she awkwardly laughed. The video, which was posted with the caption "Leave women alone," accumulated over 7800 comments from other TikTok users who applauded Ovard for candidly telling the man that she is "too young" for him instead of bringing a real or fake boyfriend into it.


"Why can men not handle rejection?" one person commented, while another said: "The way he gets immediately defensive when you were perfectly reasonable lol... ok fully grown man child." Yet another user commented: "By saying you're too young holds him accountable for his actions, half the time we have to say 'I have a [boyfriend] and men still push for numbers and stuff." A TikToker named Kate shared a similar viewpoint, writing: "I actually like the way you said I'm too young instead of have a [boyfriend. I don't know] might steer him away from young people hope."


In a video shared to her YouTube channel, Ovard further elaborated on the encounter, revealing that she has "never had an experience like this" where she was hit on while at the gym. "You can just see it on my face, I could not believe that happened," she said after narrating the conversation between herself and the man. "I have never been hit on at the gym before. I see a lot of TikToks about girls being hit on at the gym and I always think I'm really lucky that's never happened to me."


Ovard went on to urge men to "leave women alone in the gym," adding: "It's literally the last place where I would ever want to be hit on." YouTube commenters also praised the teen for the way she handled the uncomfortable situation. "When an old guy starts talking to you, just throw a 'sir' at the end of your sentences. They'll get that you're seeing them as an elder real quick," commented one YouTube user while another chimed in with: "I just noticed that when the man came, she started to put her short a little down to the knees and you know maybe it was just coincidence but I realized that I find myself and other friends doing the same thing like checking on our skirt or t-shirt or whatever the f**k we are wearing LIKE IT IS OUR FAULT when clearly it isn't, they are the weirdos."

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