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Michelle Obama reveals she snuck out of White House with daughter Malia & the reason is beautiful

The Obama administration decided to celebrate marriage equality by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors and Michelle knew exactly where she wanted to be to witness this historic moment.

Michelle Obama reveals she snuck out of White House with daughter Malia & the reason is beautiful
Image source: Getty Images

Being the first family of America is a position that comes with a lot of responsibilities and restrictions. Their whereabouts need to be known at all times and even though they live in the public eye, they can't have a public life. And when they do, they need to be given high-level security. 

The Obamas were known for their down to Earth nature while at the White House. The former first lady revealed in her book, Becoming, about the time she "flouted rules" of the White House with her daughter, Malia, proving yet again they are just like any other family in America.



The reason they decided to sneak around their security detail is a heartwarming one too. The incident took place in 2015 on June 26, to be exact. This was a few days after the heartbreaking Charleston Church shooting that claimed the life of nice Black people. The first lady was returning from a funeral service for the shooting victims. But it was also the evening the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. The Obama administration decided to celebrate this landmark judgment by lighting up the White House in rainbow colors. Michelle knew exactly where she wanted to be to witness this historic moment.

Source: WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 26: Rainbow-colored lights shine on the White House to celebrate today's US Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, Washington, DC, June 26, 2015. Today the high court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)


She noted that there was a gathering of people outside the White House to celebrate legalizing gay marriages. In her book, she wrote: "I stuck my head into the Treaty Room. 'You want to go out and look at the lights?' I asked Barack. 'There are tons of people out there.' He laughed. 'You know I can't do tons of people.' Sasha was in her room, engrossed in her iPad. 'You want to go see the rainbow lights with me?' I asked. 'Nope.'" But in her elder daughter, she found her partner in crime. "This left Malia, who surprised me a little by immediately signing on. I'd found my wing-woman," she wrote.



Trying to get out of the White House was no easy task. But with a little sneaking around and assistance from a friendly usher, they managed to get out of the fortified house unnoticed. “We made our way down a marble staircase and over red carpets, around the busts of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and past the kitchen until suddenly we were outdoors,” Michelle wrote in her bestseller, as per NBC News. “Malia and I just busted past the agents on duty, neither one of us making eye contact. The humid summer air hit our faces. I could see fireflies blinking on the lawn. And there it was, the hum of the public, people whooping and celebrating outside the iron gates.” 



She went on to recount their victorious escape to celebrate with the people and said, "It had taken us 10 minutes to get out of our own home, but we’d done it. We were outside, standing on a patch of lawn off to one side, out of sight of the public but with a beautiful, close-up view of the White House, lit up in pride. Malia and I leaned into each other, happy to have found our way there.” She remembered how the joy of the equal marriage ruling had “helped buoy us through a sad day” following the services for the shooting victims.



Michelle even recounted the incident during her interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show. “It was beautiful,” she said. “We stood along with all the cheering crowd, off to the side, mind you, so no one would see us, with security surrounding us, and we tried to have our tender mother-daughter moment, but we just took it in. I held her tight, and my feeling was, we are moving forward. Change is happening.” 


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