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Man who learned ASL to communicate with deaf girlfriend is the gentleman we all need

Love isn't about the fancy things, but rather the most subtle sacrifices.

Man who learned ASL to communicate with deaf girlfriend is the gentleman we all need
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio; Reddit|u/TheMoonBalloon

Couples often make sacrifices, go out of their way and put painstaking effort into things simply because it means so much to their partner. Reddit user u/TheMoonBalloon shared a heartwarming post that really expemplifies this idea of love and effort. The post tells the story of a man that came up with a way to communicate with his partner in an extremely beautiful way.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Katrin Bolovtsova
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Katrin Bolovtsova

The post was shared with the caption, “A legend of a man, this is love right here.” It then mentioned that the man was in a 5+ year relationship with a deaf girl who had been deaf since a young age. “She reads lips pretty well but prefers sign language,” the man said, adding that he knew not a single sign at the time he met her but decided to learn ASL because he knew she was the one. “I could tell right away there was something between us so I started learning right after I got home from our first date,” he explained.

His persistent efforts were successful and a few years down the line he was completely fluent in American Sign Language(ASL). He also adorably mentioned how he finds ways to speak with his partner even when she’s not looking.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kevin Mallik
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kevin Mallik

“When she’s not looking though, I talk to her even though she can’t hear me or see my lips to read,” he said. Elaborating further, the man wholesomely said, “I tell her how much I love her, how I’m going to marry her someday, how beautiful she is, etc., etc.” He also shared that he is practicing to propose in sign language so their special moment can be comfortable and unique to them. “I’ve been practicing proposing so it’s not so scary when I do it. She has no idea and I plan to keep it that way,” he concluded his post.

To ensure his partner doesn’t find out he mentioned that he posted this beautiful idea on an alternative account. With almost 9k upvotes, people were applauding the man’s efforts and also increasing their standards to never settle for less. u/Okay-Positive-3034 said, “Everyone should be loved like this.” u/MechaRambutan wrote, “As an ASL interpreter I must say that is so incredibly loving and romantic! Most deaf children's parents that I've met don't care about learning or just make minimum effort to learn ASL to communicate with their children. That is amazing, an excellent example.”

Image Source: Reddit| u/ FamiliarLoad305
Image Source: Reddit | u/ FamiliarLoad305
Image Source: Reddit| u/ NoSignificance939
Image Source: Reddit | u/ NoSignificance939

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