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Man takes in queer nephew after he was disowned by his mother despite outrage among his family

His kids believe there are other family members who could've taken him in and the dad should've asked them beforehand to consider their feelings.

Man takes in queer nephew after he was disowned by his mother despite outrage among his family
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels (L) Andrea Piacquadio; Reddit (R) u/Impressive-Wing-8298

A man was left confused after his kids were angry at him for having his nephew move in. The Reddit user u/Impressive-Wing-8298 and a father-of-two shared his story on the platform, explaining that he shares two children, Jamie and Mia, both in their 20s, with his ex-wife Sarah. When his youngest, Mia, was still a baby, Sarah had an affair with the man's younger brother and she became pregnant with Caleb, who is now 20 years old. He added that Sarah and his brother ended up together for a while, but his brother abandoned their family. He had never seen his son Caleb after he was two years old. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Tatiana Syrikova
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tatiana Syrikova

The Reddit user continued to say that he and Sarah "had shared custody of Jamie and Mia, but they gradually chose to spend more and more time at my home when they became teenagers, as they felt that their mom liked Caleb better than them. Since lockdown, Sarah has changed a lot as a person. She 'rededicated her life to Christ' and joined a very cult-like online church. Recently, someone from his college outed Caleb as gay and Sarah has disowned him as her son, and ever so graciously gave him a week to get out of her house (sarcasm of course)."

The man couldn't stand by watching a young family member kicked out, so he "reached out to Caleb and told him that he is welcome to stay with me for free so that he can finish college, there's no way I could watch a family member become homeless without trying to help them." After much persuasion, Caleb agreed to reside in the man's house, as his kids do not live with them and he would enjoy his company.

Unfortunately, now his children have a problem with the whole thing, "considering their history with him and Sarah showing him favoritism. They say that other family members could've taken him in (my parents offered, but they do live in another country) and that I should've asked them beforehand to consider their feelings," the father explained. He concluded the post by saying that his son has refused to let him see his infant granddaughter until Caleb leaves the house. The father posted on the platform to ask other users how to rectify his mistakes if he was wrong.

Representative Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit | u/Icy_Department_1423

Most Reddit users sided with the dad, saying he needs to sit with his kids and explain the situation clearly without showing favoritism, which is likely a sore subject for the pair. u/Better_Fisherman_450 commented, "NTA, maybe try explaining to your kids that you aren't trying to show favoritism but just trying to help out your nephew? Ask them how they would feel to have to leave amid their college year and just try to convince them that what you're doing is innocent. Besides, Caleb can't be blamed if your ex was showing favoritism, he can't control that and it's really not his fault, his half-siblings should maybe try to understand his POV too."

Image Source: Reddit | u/blah_blah_80
Image Source: Reddit | u/blah_blah_80

u/saltedfish shared their insights a little more candidly, "Lemme gets this straight. Your adult children have moved out, and yet they think they can tell you who you can move in? The minute they grew up and moved out, they relinquished any kind of say in the household -- what little they ever had. And the favoritism they're whining about (a) isn't Caleb's fault and (b) obviously wasn't enough to protect Caleb from his homophobic mother. You're not just saving a family member from the streets, you're providing shelter for a young gay man who otherwise would be far worse off. I'd be really disappointed in my kids if they did this. NTA."

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