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Man stands up against mom forcing him to baby-proof his house and lock his cats outside for office party

People rally around the employee who agreed to host the office Christmas party at his home but refused to lock his pet outside just for one guest.

Man stands up against mom forcing him to baby-proof his house and lock his cats outside for office party
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Monstera Production; (R) Reddit | u/LegElectrical9214

Raising a child is undoubtedly not an easy task for anyone. Adults often have to make a lot of sacrifices to ensure an ideal environment for a child. While some people may be ready to make sacrifices, others are not and at some point, that is okay. u/LegElectrical happened to be one of those individuals who did not want to make compromises for somebody else's child during a Christmas party.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |
Representative Image Source: Pexels |

The individual begins the post by stating that Christmas is coming and everybody at the office is in a festive mood. People were discussing who should conduct the party and the individual decided to volunteer their house, which happened to have a pool and barbeque. Since the company was small, their house would be sufficient to host everybody. They agreed to host the party on two conditions.

Firstly, it would be an adults-only party. Secondly, they would only allow prawns and meats to be barbequed. People agreed and asked the individual if they could cook the prawns separately as they were allergic, which the individual was happy to oblige. They write, "One coworker just came back from maternity leave last week after 6 months and she was very adamant to come to the party. She sent an email to all of us asking if she could bring her 3 children with her to the party, one reply with the old email stating my conditions to host."

The woman was not very happy with the conditions and spent the last few days talking to others to get them to persuade the individual to change their terms. Soon enough, their boss asked them to be "flexible" and that they should not "cut her out like that," since she just came back. In addition to that, they were also asked to "wipe the whole house off cat hair and lock them outside until the party is done."

They share, "According to her, if each of us pays some attention to the children, there would be no problem, the youngest will stay by her side." The individual immediately said no to their terms. They informed the woman and their boss that she should not attend the party as there would be alcohol, a hot barbeque and a pool, all of which could be dangerous for children. They also made it clear that they only agreed to hold the party if everyone was okay with their conditions and that they could look for alternatives if they were not happy with it.

Upon hearing this, the woman "stormed out of the boss' office with tears in her eyes." Some of their coworkers tried to persuade the individual to comply with the woman's demands to keep the office "peaceful." They write, "I refused. I really don't care if anyone decided to not show up that day." Their boss then sent a new email, excluding the individual, asking if anyone else was willing to host the party.

They write, "I did not say anything and ignored it, people have been replying by email to each other without me and no solution." The woman even went to the extent of bringing her baby to the office to try and convince the individual, but they asked her to leave and continued to work. The individual concluded by sharing that the woman was now coming to work as she pleased and how others had to take up her workload.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Shichimi88
Image Source: Reddit/u/Shichimi88
Image Source: Reddit/u/Rodharet50399
Image Source: Reddit/u/Rodharet50399

People in the comment section sided with the individual and shared their thoughts on the situation. u/Live2sk888 said, "It's bad enough to ask you to allow the kids and rearrange your house for them, but then to suggest that everyone should take turns watching the kids? Hell no! Your boss should pay for a sitter for this lady's kids if she is so concerned about making sure she can come. And definitely no to putting your cats in potential danger." The employee, in a follow-up post, shared the mail the mom sent out after the chaos. It shows her asking people to come to her place for the party but she demands they bring food that is suitable for her kids. She also wants her co-workers to clean her house before and after the party. People on Reddit, obviously, sided with the employee for not giving in to her demands. 

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