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Man shares awesome water-boiling hack for fixing ragged and loose T-shirt necklines

The hack shrinks the neckline and retains its original shape. It also helps with stretched-out sweaters.

Man shares awesome water-boiling hack for fixing ragged and loose T-shirt necklines
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @newlife.clo

The internet is trying to vote on the best plain white T-shirt. One T-shirt that is leaving behind the others is from the Emmy-nominated show "The Bear." According to a TikTok user Alejandro Jomar—who goes by @byalejandrojomar on TikTok—it is credited to Merz B. Schwanen and costs $95. Another T-shirt that competes is Uniqlo Airism Oversized tee, priced at $19.90. @zagua99 is a TikTok user who has made multiple videos on the best blank tees. He also reviewed the Uniqlo Airism Oversized and how its neckline lost shape after wearing it a few times. "Neckline is perfect when you just buy it," he said. "But wash it a couple of times, and it's gonna be more flimsy than [inserted TV static]."

Image Source: TikTok | @byalejandrojomar
Image Source: TikTok | @byalejandrojomar

Another TikTok user came up with a solution for these rugged and loose necklines. @newlife.clo discussed how we can fix worn-out necklines. He uses a small pot to boil water and then ties the shirt with a rubber band near the neckline. Then, he asks to place the tied-up area in the boiling pot and allow it to stir for a minute. He suggests letting the shirt air dry. It makes the neckline of the T-shirt tighter.

According to the video, boiling water helps in shrinking the neckline and retaining its original shape. It can also help with stretched-out sweaters. The creator added that this technique works best with cotton as it has a more malleable textile. While the debate on the best T-shirt continues, we have a hack to fix necklines. The video has 36.6k views, 1k likes and no doubt, people are loving this hack.

Image Source: TikTok | @newlife.clo
Image Source: TikTok | @newlife.clo


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In another story about creative hacks, @ariganja shared a simple Tupperware cleaning hack she learned from her friend's grandma. The video, captioned "Best hack I was ever taught," garnered over 6 lakh views. Hacks and tips given by grandmas are hardly ever useless and this time was no different. The Tupperware indeed went from a stained box to a sparkling clear in a matter of minutes. If this hack were shared earlier, we could have saved all those dishwashing bicep workouts for another chore.

Image Source: TikTok | @ariganja
Image Source: TikTok | @ariganja

The proud Tupperware owner first displays her stained Tupperware container, which she has thoroughly cleaned but still had orange stains. She fills the container halfway with hot water and then adds a dash of dish soap. She tears a paper towel into pieces and puts them in the box. She closes the lid and shakes the container really well. In a few minutes, she displays the Tupperware container to be sparkling clean and brand new. Free of orange stains. People even confirmed that the hack works in the comments section.

"Can confirm this works. I don’t even use that much water. It’s so awesome!" commented @pervykittkat. "This did not work at all. I tried it twice. Lol. That’s my luck!" wrote @carmenbell16. Some users also shared hacks they use to clean their containers. "I pour Clorox into them and bam," shared @Nisha. "Rub or spray a tiny amount of oil in the container before adding contents. Clean up is a breeze and NO stains!" added @jaxjamn. "My hack is that if I constantly have spaghetti, there's no problem," joked @bronson2099

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