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He wanted to run a half marathon with his Mom, who has MS, so he pushed her wheelchair all the way

'It fills me with life and gives me peace being able to see the landscapes,' Eric's mom said.

He wanted to run a half marathon with his Mom, who has MS, so he pushed her wheelchair all the way
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Since 2016, Eric Domingo Roldan began running marathons to educate people about multiple sclerosis, a disease that his mother, Silvia, has battled for more than 16 years. A degenerative disorder that impairs neurological function, the disease is incurable at present. Eric recently ran a half marathon, completing it in an hour and a half, but not alone: he pushed his mom along in the wheelchair. The duo was so happy when they finished that Eric got extremely emotional and kissed his mom's forehead. In an extremely emotional video, the two are seen looking thrilled throughout the run, with Silvia tearing up at the end of the marathon.

This is not the first time the duo has done this. Last year, they ran 26 miles, with Eric pushing his mother along for the race. They finished the marathon in under three hours, breaking a world record. Domingo and Silvia's incredible performance set a new unofficial record for the fastest marathoner pushing a wheelchair, reaching the finish line in just 2 hours, 53 minutes, and 28 seconds. Domingo's average speed was 4:07 per km, or 6:37 per mile, which is extremely impressive.



Domingo was elated at the accomplishment, expressing his joy on Instagram with an emotional post. "I can’t believe we did a Guinness World Record pushing mom’s wheelchair in a marathon," he started the post, adding that he has no words. "It’s probably the best day of my life. We had a dream and we did it. But, as always, we weren’t alone, if it wasn’t for my family and all the support, that won’t be possible. Today, I only can say thank you. I made a promise and now it’s done." He said he wants to dedicate the win to one person. "This is for my mom. This is for multiple sclerosis. And this is for YOU, YES, YOU (every single human who has supported us) Thank you," he concluded the post.



Silvia agrees, describing running with her son as an "incredible freedom" in one video on Eric's Facebook. She says, "It fills me with life and gives me peace being able to see the landscapes. And above all, it gives me incredible freedom." The duo came very close to winning once, in the marathon a year before this win. In 2020, the duo ran the marathon in Seville, finishing in 3:00:30, a painfully close 1 minute 21 seconds off the record.

In an interview with Runner's World, Eric said, "I thought it would be a good challenge for both me and my mum, because she’s been facing challenges since she was a child and I thought she would love it."  He said the journey was extremely emotional for him. "I was feeling happy from the first kilometer until the last, as my mum never stops cheering and supporting other runners and that's the best part of running together," he shared.




"Of course, there were points where I felt emotional when I remembered difficult times like when mum had Covid in August. But the crowd showed us so much love and support."

Eric is extremely passionate about the cause, saying he feels like he's achieved something for not just his mom, but people with the condition all over the world. "When we crossed the line I just wanted to hug Mum and tell her that we did it, for her and multiple sclerosis. To cross that line meant that we did what we promised after going through the hardest time of our lives," he shared.

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