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Man claims women are 'oblivious to their privilege,' gets a lesson on privilege from woman

One woman took down a Redditor who claimed women have privileges that they are oblivious to in STEM.

Man claims women are 'oblivious to their privilege,' gets a lesson on privilege from woman
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We all know the internet can be a breeding ground for sexism and misogyny. It can be difficult to have a conversation about some people's terrible takes on women's rights. However, one Reddit user decided to walk right into the lion's den when she replied to a comment on a post in a forum run by incel groups. And, she absolutely put a fellow Redditor, who claimed women are oblivious to "their privileges,", in his place. Highlighting some of the ways she has faced both systemic and interpersonal discrimination, she displayed exactly why women don't have any so-called "privileges" in the first place.

The whole exchange was put on display for everyone's enjoyment when another Reddit user shared screenshots of the interaction on the forum Murdered By Words. They wrote, "She entered the lions den and fought the incels on their own turf." As shown in the screenshot, she was replying to a user who claimed women in STEM were privileged to be in the field. They likened the experience to someone being apprehensive of wearing a Prada shirt in a poor neighborhood for fear of being robbed. They wrote, "Sure, it sucks, but they don't realize how privileged they are for having a Prada shirt."


Absolutely terrible analogy aside, the user clearly missed some important concepts about systemic discrimination. Thankfully, one brave Redditor corrected (read: annihilated) them. "Yeah, I'm so privileged for being sexually harassed by my peers," she replied sarcastically. "I'm so privileged for them making me do the least in group projects because clearly I'm not as smart as them. Clearly I'm privileged that they don't even want my input, but offer it to me all the time because clearly I'm a st*pid who can't code and need their vast intellect. I love it when I walk into a classroom and I'm the only woman, and I stick out like a sore thumb... I'm privileged when my compliments are minimized."


She continued, highlighting how rampant sexual harassment is in the field. The Redditor explained, "I love how I ask for a code comparison and they ask me for titty pics and then don't want to work with me at all... I'm privileged when my coding partner scoots their chair uncomfortably close to me and rests their hand on my thigh. I'm privileged when all I'm seen as is 'cute,' when all I am in their eyes is a pretty face."


The Reddit user finally pointed out what she wanted from the field, inviting us to imagine the kind of world she wishes we lived in. "I just want to feel valued," she affirmed. "I want to feel as accepted as my male peers. I want to stop feeling so utterly alone when I step onto campus. I want to be assigned a group project, and for once they actually listen to me. i want my peers to value me for more than a body." Unfortunately, the comment was left in a forum dominated by incel groups, so she received dozens of "down" votes. Nonetheless, fellow Redditors appreciated her bravery and grit. As one person noted, "It takes a brave woman to venture into the incels' den."

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