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Man came up with brilliant idea to teach roommate stealing his clothes an important lesson

The man decided to pack all the white shirts of his roommate studying law and tie-dye them to get back at him for stealing his clothes.

Man came up with brilliant idea to teach roommate stealing his clothes an important lesson
Cover Image Credit: (L) Pexels/Craig Adderley (R)Reddit

Borrowing something from others is a tricky act. Especially when you do it without asking the person who owns the material, assuming they would be okay with it. There will always be consequences in this situation and a college student learned this the hard way. u/DrOogieBoogie42 shared a tale about his wealthy college roommate who kept stealing his clothes, leading to the author getting creative to get back at him with some colors.

The post begins with the author saying that he didn't go to college until he was 21. He talks about not wanting to party, saying, "For some reason, the fact that I was of legal drinking age made partying a lot less fun." In contrast, his 18-year-old roommate "Paul" was, as he puts it, a "huge party animal." He describes the younger one's daily routine: "He'd come to our dorm drunk at 2 AM on weekdays and then go to his classes very hungover. He also had a girl over at least once a week, and they were never quiet." The author describes his roommate to be challenging to live with in general. He goes on to specify that Paul's family was quite financially well off, which meant that he had a certain entitled nature. Paul was a pre-law student, and many of his teachers graded students based on the formality of their class attire. To meet these standards, Paul possessed six pristine white Oxford shirts from luxurious brands like Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren. His limited wardrobe mainly consisted of these shirts, four dress pants and a single t-shirt.


However, one day, while getting ready to do laundry, the author noticed some clothes he had yet to use in the laundry basket. He says, "They were clearly worn, reeking of sweat, alcohol and a bodily fluid I won't name. Some were also stained. It was gross." Naturally, he confronts Paul about wearing his clothes without permission, only to discover that he used them for partying, drinking and other activities. Paul justified his actions by claiming that his expensive clothes were unsuitable for such occasions. The author gets quite frustrated and makes it clear that taking his clothes without his consent is unacceptable. Paul nonchalantly dismissed these concerns, saying, "Dude, It's just clothes. It's not like you can't wear them anymore." Despite a stern warning, Paul continued to borrow the author's clothes without his knowledge and tore one of his jeans.

Image Source: Reddit/verminbury
Image Source: Reddit/u/verminbury


Image Source: Reddit/SheWhoLovesToDraw
Image Source: Reddit/u/SheWhoLovesToDraw


Not wanting to allow Paul to continue this behavior, the author decided to get back at him when they both left for spring break. He acted quickly right after Paul left by packing all of his expensive Oxford shirts into his own backpack and went to his mother's residence. He decided to tie-dye every one of Paul's white shirts to get back at him, as it would be an irreversible change. The author returned to his dorm room before Paul, putting his shirts back and then leaving to see a friend. Upon his return, he found Paul on the phone with his parents expressing how someone had ruined his expensive shirts. He was so angry that he said he would sue the person who did it, to which his father tactfully shut him up, saying that it was probably a prank and that there was no need for such actions. The author asked Paul what was wrong after the call, but he didn't respond. Paul's parents did not agree to buy him new shirts, so he ended up having to go to classes with the single t-shirt and the tie-dyed shirts he had. He lost a few grades because of this but never touched the author's clothes again.

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