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Man finds out he's going to be a grandfather while fighting for his life at the hospital

Lucy surprised her parents with her baby's ultrasound photos at the hospital.

Man finds out he's going to be a grandfather while fighting for his life at the hospital
Cover Image Source: TikTok / @lucygemmaogrady1

Becoming a parent is one of the most cherished moments in life. It is a delightful moment to welcome a new member to a family. But what about new grandparents? It's even more surreal when you surprise your parents with the news that they'll be grandparents. For all the grandparents out there, the thought of your babies having their babies is unparalleled by another feeling. Lucy, aka @lucygemmaogrady1, surprised her parents with her baby's ultrasound photos in a TikTok video. Her father can be seen fighting for his life in the hospital, but when he found out he was going to be a grandfather, he had the sweetest reaction.



Lucy presents her parents with a bag at the beginning of the viral TikTok video. After expressing some skepticism, her parents cautiously open the bag and find a card with pictures from her ultrasound. It took them a while to understand what was about to happen, but once they realized they were becoming grandparents, they were in awe. The video shows her parents crying, and in the end, Lucy's dad is seen arriving at the hospital, where her baby peacefully rests on her grandfather's knee. The video has garnered over 11 million views and the comments are all in awe of her dad. @Ashleigh Schenke commented: WOW! He fought for that baby, that baby kept him strong and going! What a blessing! 

TikTok / @lucygemmaogrady1
TikTok / @lucygemmaogrady1


People can't help but notice and admire her dad's efforts because he appears healthier than ever at the end of the video and in other Instagram photos. He was inspired to heal more quickly by the fact that he was soon to become a grandfather. Children, the mini-new additions to a family, act as alchemy to heal those who are in pain. @Stephanie said: "I screamed THAT'S HIM?!? What a wonderful ending." @lauren pollockWow remarked: "I thought that was a whole different person. That’s incredible." @Adam, shared their own experience adding: "My grandad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1977 I was born in 1979 and I was very lucky to have him in my life until he passed in 2010. ❤️"

TikTok / @lucygemmaogrady1
TikTok / @lucygemmaogrady1


Another heartwarming story is that of a 99-year-old Pennsylvania grandma who got the opportunity to meet her 100th great-grandchild in person in 2022. "Peg" Koller, also known as "grandmom," was "absolutely ecstatic" to meet Christine Stokes Balster and Patrick Balster's baby Koller William Balster, who was born on August 4. "We went to Grandmom's and introduced her to Koller, who was named after the family name," Stokes Balster explained on Good Morning America. Stokes added, "She was absolutely ecstatic," limited words, for sure. She was just so happy and felt so blessed and lucky to be holding him. "You could feel the emotion and the gratitude, and she just felt blessed again that she got to hold yet another great-grandbaby, and this one named after my grandfather," the mom of two said.



The 99-year-old matriarch has 11 children, 56 grandchildren, and 100 great-grandkids. I mean, 100 does sound like a lucky number. "It was a race to 100," Stokes added. "My cousin Colleen and I were just a day apart for our due dates, and she had the 99th great-grandchild, who's absolutely healthy and beautiful. So you know, just grateful, blessed to have another few babies joining this great family." As for her grandma's perseverance and stamina, Stokes said her grandmom works out twice a day. "Faith and family really get her going," Stokes Balster said. "She is present no matter what is going on and however old she is. I mean she never misses a graduation, a baptism, a wedding, or a book moment at grade school. Whatever it is, she's always there."

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