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Little girl teaching pup how to jump is the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today

In the video, a girl is seen teaching a puppy how to jump to the bed and it could not have been more adorable.

Little girl teaching pup how to jump is the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today
Image Source: Reddit | u/ledim35

Pets can make our day in an instant. They can bring a smile to our faces, give us company when we are feeling alone and shower us with love and attention all the time. Even kids feel loved in their presence. This was recently seen in an adorable video uploaded on Reddit by u/ledim35. Here, a girl is seen teaching a puppy to jump to the bed. When the puppy tries it, he fails at first but then the little girl steps in and she shows him how to jump to the stool next to the bed and then reach to the bed. We then see the puppy try the same and reach the bed. As the little girl is now seated on the bed, the puppy comes and sits next to her and then snuggles her. The video could not have been more adorable.

Image Source: Reddit | u/ledim35
Image Source: Reddit | u/ledim35


This video shows how pets can give us company and make us feel loved. They can be the warmest friends that we have and our best companions. The video post is captioned, "She is a good teacher." The caption stands true as the little girl was able to teach her dog to jump into the bed. First, she tried to instruct him and then she tried to teach him by example. People on the internet are also appreciating this duo as the video has garnered 3.2 K upvotes. Many people also expressed their appreciation in the comments section. u/thunderpantsIII wrote, "Oh they are going to be the best of buddies." u/commentingpositively shared, "It's like witnessing the purest form of kindness and compassion as she takes the time to teach and guide her puppy. The puppy's curiosity and trust in the little girl are so evident, making this video even more touching." u/taylaberry shared, "The kid was so caring and witty to teach the puppy how to climb.. they're both so amazing." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/ledim35
Image Source: Reddit | u/ledim35


In another heartwarming story about a little one and their pet, a young boy hugged stray animals in this touching video uploaded on Facebook. The boy has been identified as Ibrahim. The 30-second clip is a beautiful visual of the love this boy holds for all canines. The footage is 2 years old and is evidently being filmed by an individual in the nearby building. At the beginning of the footage, the boy is giving the dog a big hug. He then goes on to pet another dog with a big grin. Thereafter, he goes on his own way, but halfway through, he seems to have changed his mind and returns to give the dog a longer and more tender hug compared to before. The boy has no idea that someone is filming him. Hence all the love he is pouring towards the dog is his genuine emotions.


 People familiar with Ibrahim were not at all surprised by his kind gesture. He is known amongst his acquaintances as a very nice boy who is always ready to help others. Katerina, who knows Ibrahim's family and has a daughter in his class, told Dodo, "He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He's a very kind boy."

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