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LeBron James signs his book and writes a heartfelt message for a young 'Black queen'

James launched his book, 'I Promise,' in order to inspire young children to dream big and work toward everything they want in life.

LeBron James signs his book and writes a heartfelt message for a young 'Black queen'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @kingjames

Fans are incredibly important for celebrities as they play a crucial role in their success and popularity. They are the ones who support their favorite celebs, by creating a loyal and dedicated fan base that helps spread the word about the celebrities' work, attend their events and performances, buy their merchandise and albums and generate buzz on social media.

Therefore, most celebrities feel a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation toward their fans, recognizing that their success would not be possible without their support. LeBron James, the all-time leading scorer in NBA history, is one of them and recently expressed gratitude for one of his young fans with a heartwarming message, reports PopSugar.


On March 15, James posted an Instagram video of himself signing a little fan's copy of his children's book, "I Promise," before a Lakers game. He shared the post with the heartfelt caption: "Dear Parker, Nice meeting you! You're a beautiful Young Black Queen! Don't let nothing stop [you] from being whatever your mind and heart desires! Just from our short encounter yesterday I know you're destined for greatness and I will always love you!!! God bless you and best wishes to you. Sincerely Mr. LeBron James aka Bugs Bunny friend!"


James released his book "I Promise" in 2020 with the aim of inspiring young children to dream big and achieve everything they want. He told Parents at the time: "I hope they realize they can do anything. I want them to be confident in themselves and what they're capable of. Kids just want to know someone believes in them."

He added, "If we can give them confidence and hope for their future, that changes everything for them. I hope this book can be that source of inspiration and that push they need to go for their dreams."


The book is part of James' continual endeavor to make a difference by assisting young people. In 2018, the LeBron James Family Foundation opened the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, with the goal of providing at-risk children with the skills they need to flourish. Students from James' I Promise school in Akron got free tuition at Kent State University, reports ABC.

James told reporters at the time, "I just know that so many kids in my community just don't have many options. For me to be able to be in a position to give these kids options to decide what they want to do with their future, it's probably the best thing I've ever done." 


The book signing comes only a month after James scored his 38,388th point in February 2023, making him the all-time leading scorer in the NBA. His wife Savannah and their three children were all present to cheer on their father during the record-breaking game.

James' continuous effort to make a difference by assisting young people is admirable and he hopes to inspire young children to pursue their dreams through his book. His message is clear: anyone can achieve their dreams if they believe in themselves and have confidence. His work is inspiring and is enabling several young children to achieve their goals.

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