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Krispy Kreme comes up with a generous offer to spread smiles on World Kindness Day

This initiative aims to inspire small acts of kindness, encouraging customers to share the delightful treats with others.

Krispy Kreme comes up with a generous offer to spread smiles on World Kindness Day
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

Kindness already adds flavor to the lives of many but when combined with an extra dose of savoring sweetness, it works all the way to the top to bring a smile. America's favorite Krispy Kreme will be giving out their delicious donuts for free to mark World Kindness Day and show their affection for their customers, per TODAY. A press release by the company shares the exciting treats that await the lucky ones on 13th November 2023. The sugary delights are Krispy Kreme’s way of paying it forward and enlightening the world about kindness.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Airam Dato-on
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Airam Dato-on

The free doughnuts would be available on a limited basis only on November 13. The best part about this event is that customers get not just a single doughnut but an entire dozen to walk away with. The first 500 customers who walk into participating US Krispy Kreme’s shops will enjoy a dozen free glazed doughnuts—no purchase necessary! The brand’s global chief officer, Dave Skena, said, “We hope a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts—one doughnut for you and many to share with others—will inspire millions of small acts of kindness.”

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While customers can enjoy the scrumptious treats, they are also encouraged to share and enjoy them with others, sowing the seeds of kindness among many. While Krispy Kreme has started the jovial task, it is up to citizens to take it forward. Krispy Kreme is known for its extravagant and generous offers and undoubtedly delicious original glazed doughnuts. Their aim is more than marketing; it involves spreading cheer and smiles with the goodness of a relishing treat. This delightful offer will be available in certain international outlets as well. The internet is raving in wait for November 13 to get their free dozen doughnuts to enjoy and share.

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@KCBD11 shared the news on Twitter with a caption quoting Skena that read, “Simple gestures of caring and thanks. Sharing a sweet treat is a great way to do that.” Undoubtedly, with a dozen free doughnuts, a lot more kindness can flood humanity! Krispy Kreme also has other exciting offers to look out for. The innovative brand that recently pulled it off with their Halloween edition and fall edition doughnuts at select outlets will also have a veteran’s offer for the unsung heroes on November 11. Veterans and military personnel will be able to avail of the offer dedicated by the brand to honor professionals for their service.


The offer promises a free doughnut of one’s choice along with a small coffee for the hard-working men of valor. This can be availed at a Krispy Kreme shop or drive-thru only. The veteran’s offer has been prevalent for quite some time. Krispy Kreme surely acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of customers in different ways through their offers and creative ideas. The brand is setting an example of kindness, generosity and gratitude through their mouth-watering treats. Mark November 13 on your calendars and get to the nearest participating Krispy Kreme store to celebrate World Kindness Day by munching and sharing the delicious doughnuts!



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