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Keith Urban brings a little boy onstage and gives him a hug after seeing his inspiring handmade sign

The little boy is a big fan of Keith and spends his time playing his music and watching concert videos on his ipad.

Keith Urban brings a little boy onstage and gives him a hug after seeing his inspiring handmade sign
Image Source: Good Morning America/Youtube

We all dream of meeting our favorite singers and celebrities one day. Even when we purchase tickets to concerts, we hope to catch their attention and grab a selfie with our favorite stars. A little boy from Monticello dreamed of the same as he went to a Keith Urban concert last year. However, unlike most of us, his wildest dreams came true as he ended up hugging the country music star, getting his autograph, and talking to him in front of the whole audience. 



Whitney Donaldson and Chase Hammock got their son Kellen front-row seats for the family to attend Urban's November 5 performance in Peoria last year. Kellen wasn't told they were leaving until several hours before the concert, reports WCIA. He called it the "best surprise ever," and came prepared to the concert with a handmade sign that read, "I wasn’t supposed to walk. I wasn’t supposed to talk. Now, I’m jamming to Keith Urban." 

Kellen referred to his diagnosis of hydrocephalus, which is a non-threatening condition that caused a hole in his skull. He had to undergo double brain surgery at just eight days old. In the past six years, he has had ten surgeries, the most recent of which was a corneal transplant that had Kellen wearing safety goggles round-the-clock. Kellen wouldn't wear the goggles until his parents showed him an image of Keith wearing glasses. So, the singer became an important part of this little boy's life and a way for him to cope with several difficulties. 


Thirteen guitars and 2 banjos were acquired as a result of his love for Keith. He spends his days mimicking Urban's movements and listening to his songs while watching concert videos on his iPad. So, it was an extremely special moment for him when after two songs, Keith stopped the concert when he noticed his sign. Kellen was sitting on his father's shoulders holding out his sign. He was approached by Keith, who talked with him and his parents, gave him a hug, and asked him to autograph a cardboard guitar. 

In the video that went viral on the internet, Keith can be seen fist bumping the little boy, signing his "blinged out" guitar, and giving him an extremely warm hug. 





Donaldson, Kellen's father, said, "The concert was absolutely amazing and that moment of Kellen meeting his idol will be something he will never forget. Kellen sang all the songs, jamming with his guitar on his daddy’s shoulders the entire concert." The little boy was extremely excited after he met Keith, he shouted to everyone, "I got to meet the real-life Keith Urban and hug him!" 

Donaldson added, "As parents of a special needs child, we have seen Kellen beat every obstacle thrown his way, with a smile on his face and the best personality. The fact that Keith Urban was humble enough to stop his concert, speak with our son, ask about his story, and give him a hug, it was the best feeling as parents watching our son’s dreams come true."



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