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Mom creates core memory for young daughter by surprising her with last-minute Taylor Swift tickets

A mother surprised her daughter with last-minute Taylor Swift concert tickets in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 29, 2023, after failing to buy tickets through Ticketmaster and getting scammed by an individual online.

Mom creates core memory for young daughter by surprising her with last-minute Taylor Swift tickets
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @haleypierce_

You are likely familiar with all the hype of the past few weekends as Taylor Swift fans travel to Phoenix or Las Vegas for one of her concerts in sold-out football stadiums. The tickets are equally pricey and high in demand, but one mom got to surprise her daughter with last-minute Taylor Swift concerts in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 29, 2023. It was a dream come true for the little girl. The viral TikTok video, captured by mom Haley Pierce—who goes by @haleypierce_ on TikTok—shows her daughter Addison's ecstatic reaction to the tickets.

 Image Source: TikTok / @haleypierce_
Image Source: TikTok | @haleypierce_

"Like everyone else, I struggled to get tickets from Ticketmaster. I tried to buy from an individual online and got scammed. So we cried and prayed and eventually got the tickets the day before the show," said Pierce, reports USA Today. The tickets turned out to be a gift that was so meaningful and unexpected for her young daughter that they made the little girl cry tears of joy. The experience was surely a shot of pure serotonin for Pierce as well.

As a big Swiftie, she was thrilled and it was so much fun to see her react to it. "I didn't tell Addie until the morning of the concert. I asked her what she would like to do today and she was bummed but said, 'Let's just go to Cinnabon.' We stopped at the gas station and I gave her the surprise of her life! We had a blast, and it was worth every dime," added Pierce.

Image Source: TikTok / @haleypierce_
Image Source: TikTok | @haleypierce_


In the now-viral video, Addison was left speechless when she started to open the mysterious envelope her mom gave her in the car. "No, you're playing with me. This is a joke," she says in utter disbelief while holding onto the tickets. "Read the date," said Pierce as Addison began to read what was written on the slip of paper. Her daughter was shocked, mouth agape with incredulity.

"We're going right now," Pierce exclaimed. "I swear. Your bag's packed and everything. We're going right now. What do you think?" Addison jumps out of her seat to give a sweet kiss to her mom before asking, "Did you pack me a better outfit than this?"

Image Source: TikTok / @haleypierce_
Image Source: TikTok | @haleypierce_

Laughing hysterically, her mom replied, "I did. I got you a new outfit. I got glitter and I got friendship bracelets for you to make. I got nail polish for you to paint your nails." Addison begins to cry tears of happiness at the thought of being able to attend the concert.

"Thank you," she tells her mom while wiping her tears. Fast forward to the end of the clip and the mom and daughter duo are seen having the time of their lives while sporting sparkly dresses with full glam while sitting in the stands as the concert begins and fans start to cheer for their favorite icon on stage.

Image Source: TikTok / @haleypierce_
Image Source: TikTok / @haleypierce_

Commenters in the video were in love with the beautiful core memory of the mom-daughter duo. "What an awesome mother-daughter experience and forever memory!" said @flabbergasted101. "The fact that she said 'thank you' made all the tears and fighting for tickets worth it. You’re doing a great job, mama." added @caw_33​. Some also applauded Pierce for being such a supportive mother to her daughter. "This is what being a mama is all about," wrote @keepingupwiththekorzons. "I am sobbing. Like, ugly crying. What a beautiful memory she will cherish for the rest of her life. Amazing job, mama," added @rebmamae.

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