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Funny parrot steals reporter's earphone on live TV while he talked about neighborhood thefts

'I considered the most prudent thing was to carry on with the broadcast.'

Funny parrot steals reporter's earphone on live TV while he talked about neighborhood thefts
Image Source: Guardian News/Youtube

Some animals are extremely beautiful and extraordinarily mischievous. They love to prank humans, which is hilarious most of the time. Recently, such a hilarious incident was caught on video when a parrot stole a Chilean reporter's earphone when he was live on air. Nicolas Krumm, a journalist for the Chilevisi√≥n channel, was discussing the rise in thefts in the neighborhood when the parrot landed on his shoulder and grabbed his earpiece. Krumm can be heard saying, "It's just taken my earpiece." 

The videographer attempted to grab the bird in order to collect the earpiece, but the bird flew away. The parrot ultimately dropped the earpiece and the journalist was able to get it back. However, this hilarious and heartwarming video went instantly viral on the internet with major publications like BBC, The Guardian and Daily Mail reposting it. 

Krumm later explained to a studio presenter that they were halfway through a midday broadcast when he "felt a presence close to me and realized it was a parrot." Knowing that people spend years training parrots to perch on their shoulders and things like these don't happen every day, Krumm alerted "the cameraman more than anything because it was picturesque." But right then, "when I'm trying to make sure the cameraman has seen the parrot, it takes my earpiece."

Given the seriousness of the issue of a residential break-in that was being broadcasted live on air, Krumm thought "the most prudent thing was to carry on with the broadcast" instead of commenting on the parrot right away. Krumm thinks that his earpiece had caught the parrot's attention when it was watching them from railings nearby "because you can see it looking at it out of the corner of its eye before it takes it." When the parrot landed on the reporter's shoulders  



In another hilarious incident, a man who had come in for an interview was mistakenly presented as "tech expert." Guy Coma knew they had the incorrect man as he was promptly rushed into the makeup room and then on live TV when the anchor named him Guy Kewney and asked him an expert question. Goma handled the terrifying circumstance wonderfully, becoming a well-known online icon. He made a calm attempt to reply to the questions asked to him when he understood he'd been brought in to weigh in on the Apple issue. He actually gave his opinion saying, "Actually, if you can go everywhere you're gonna see a lot of people downloading through the Internet and the website, everything they want. But I think is much better for development improve people what they want, and to get on the easy way, and so faster the things they looking for." The original Guy Kweney was shocked to see him answer the questions as he was waiting in the reception due to the mistake.

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