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Food delivery rider shows extraordinary bravery by jumping off bridge to save a woman from drowning

The delivery person garnered appreciation from people because of his brave effort and even received a cash prize of $4000.

Food delivery rider shows extraordinary bravery by jumping off bridge to save a woman from drowning
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Nadin Sh

Saving someone is the greatest gift an individual can give to others. Peng Qinglin has proven himself to be one such noble soul, with his recent activities. Qinglin, jumped off a bridge into a river, without a second thought to save a woman's life, as per Sunny Skyz. The river was 40ft away from the railing, and therefore the jump was largely dangerous to his own life, but he did not care for any of that when he saw a woman struggling. This showcases Qinglin's grit and bravery.

Image Source: Pexels | Luca Nardone:
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Luca Nardone:

The brave act was recorded on camera, and quickly went viral on social media platforms. The video shows how he bravely reaches out to the woman and guides her to a ladder in the river. Qinglin works as a food delivery partner for the Chinese food delivery giant, Meituan. He was on his e-bike delivering an order, when he realized the disaster that had befallen the woman. The bystanders were gathered on the Xixing Bridge, panicking about what had transpired. Everyone was waiting for officials to come and carry on the rescue efforts, but Qingling soon realized that the woman did not have that much time. He immediately plunged into the Qiantang River.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mali Maeder
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mali Maeder

In his interview with The Straits Times, Qingling shared his thoughts, "I was definitely frightened because the bridge looked so high, but I didn't think too much of it, as I just wanted to save her." Moreover, he was in a time crunch, he needed to deliver the food on time as per the policies of his company. The moment, everything came under control the first thought that passed his mind was according to the ChinaDaily, "My delivery is going to be late."

Fortunately, there were no issues with his job as all the parties understood his situation. Moreover, he rightfully earned a lot of recognition from the authorities and the company itself. Hangzhou police honored Qingling with the "First Class Public Security Honor Medal" and a cash prize of 30,000 yuan (approx $4163). Meituan was not far behind and gave him 50,000 yuan (around $6940) to appreciate his bravery. The company has also decided that it will sponsor Qingling's future education. Qingling feels a lot of gratitude but refuses to consider himself as a super-human. He believes his action was common human courtesy, "I'm just a delivery guy like many others. If I meet someone in danger, I will definitely lend a helping hand."

Qingling did not come out of all of it, unscathed. A day later, he began experiencing pain in his buttocks and waist. He went with the complaint to Zhejiang Xinhua Hospital. Doctors ran a few tests and found a compression fracture in his spine. Doctors prescribed hospital monitoring for 7 to 10 days. Fortunately, no surgery was needed, and doctors will continue to keep a check on it. The woman is also recuperating well. The police authorities gave a statement to the Chinese broadcaster CCTV, where they said that the woman was being kept under observation, but there was no imminent danger. Qingling is happy that his actions helped in saving the woman's life and gave her a future.


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