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Employee faces backlash at work after saying that family and health are his first priorities

A man stands by his belief to be grateful for his health and family, despite pressure from his coworkers to be grateful for being employed.

Employee faces backlash at work after saying that family and health are his first priorities
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio, Reddit | u/AZNM1912

Corporations tend to have a many double standards when it comes to loyalty. They expect employees to provide undying loyalty while they would happily fire them at a moment's notice. More individuals continue to speak out over this injustice, highlighting the double standard that is embedded within most companies. It has also caused more employees to look for jobs that value them more. Reddit user u/AZNM1912 shared such a story of being ridiculed by their company and coworkers for not being thankful to work there.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The post titled, "Asked what I was thankful for on a call at work. Apparently, I gave the wrong answer by not thanking my company first," has gained 7.3K upvotes and 427 comments. The individual said that he was at a team meeting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at a US-based company. The man says, "The boss went around asking everyone what they were thankful for." His coworkers all said that they were incredibly thankful for being employed at the particular company as the first thing. The man, however, decided to be honest and mentioned that he was thankful for his family and not facing any major health problems.

He was thankful for being employed but decided not to mention it. He shares, "Someone asked why I didn't mention being employed and I mentioned that jobs come and go while my family has been constant and as I get older, my health becomes more important." His coworkers were not happy and thus began a heated debate on how the individual should value employment more and learn to express thankfulness for it. Once the meeting ended, he ended up getting emails from his coworkers who were on the call, saying that he had committed "career suicide" by refusing to be thankful for employment.

The man concluded the post by sharing how he thought it was ridiculous and that he was ready to accept the risks, wishing everybody else the best. People had their own insights and suggestions to share in the comments section. u/Grimulus said, "I recently interviewed with a US-based company. During the final rounds, I was asked by upper-level management, "What are you most proud of?" I immediately responded to my family and my health and how they come first. They made me an offer and I'm happily working for them now. They value employee's work/life balance and consider it vital to their success. Sounds like you should update your resume."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok_Inside_7838
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok_Inside_7838
Image Source: Reddit | u/No_Zombie2021
Image Source: Reddit | u/No_Zombie2021

u/OpheliaRainGalaxy sarcastically commented, "Thank you, Master, for allowing me to do your labor for you and throwing me just enough pennies so my family can live another day! Your fellow employees think you're all slaves to Master and must grovel and lick his boots so he'll keep allowing you to do all the labor he can't/won't do himself." u/zxcvbqerwty pointed out, "I can't imagine working at a place where they expect you to be thankful for being employed. It should be the other way around; the employer should be thankful for their employees."

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