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Elderly couple who lived in home for three decades leaves adorable note to the newlyweds moving in

'The house is blessed with 'good karma' – so we pass it on to you! Congrats,' the note reads.

Elderly couple who lived in home for three decades leaves adorable note to the newlyweds moving in
Cover Image Source: Reddit/SarahEH

Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 23, 2022. It has since been updated.

A home is much more than just four walls and a roof that protects you from the elements. If those four walls could talk, they would share everything from your lowest moments to the times when you felt most loved and happy. From the big milestones to the nuances in the everyday mundane, they see and know you more than anyone else in your life and hence hold a special meaning for most people. Especially those who spent decades of their lives in one home, growing and evolving together, even as the world outside races through seasons, presidents, social trends and technological advancements.

This was perhaps what motivated an elderly couple to leave a special note for the newlyweds to whom they were handing over their home of three decades. The note—shared on the r/MadeMeSmile forum—is a warm embrace on a post-it note as the retirees wish the young couple good karma and life as fulfilling as the one they were fortunate enough to live in the house. Such is the warmth in their words that the note has been upvoted more than 71,000 times since being uploaded to the subreddit by u/SarahEH with the caption: "Previous homeowners left a note to the young, newlywed couple who purchased their home."

Image Source: Reddit/SarahEH
Image Source: Reddit/SarahEH

The adorable message, which was signed by "Cookie" and "Bud," reads: "We arrived here in our 50s and left in our 80s. I hope you also have a good run! The house is blessed with 'good karma' - so we pass it on to you! Congrats!" The note prompted many Reddit users to share their own experiences with purchasing houses that came with a lot of history. "We have a house that’s almost 100 years old. We are only the third owners. The daughter of the couple that had the house built still swings by once a year to see it. She brought old pictures and even left a note for us when we bought it. We’ve found a bunch of notes and goodies in the walls from them," shared JesusOnline_89.

Image Source: Reddit/fuegodiegOH
Image Source: Reddit/fuegodiegOH

"The wife and I bought our house from a nice lady named Bobbie. When we moved in, we left the labels she put on the basement shelves dating her preserve jars. Later, when I was under the house I discovered the bottles workers must have left there in the 1930s. They're still there too, for karma," commented Cool_Cartographer_39. "Reminded me of when we bought our apartment back in 2004. The previous owner, a lovely lady named Sofia, told us, 'we had our children here, it's a good-spirited place, hope you'll have a lot of children here too.' Four of our five children were born while we lived there," recalled no_t_me.

"The first house we bought came with a scavenger hunt-type note from the previous owner. It led to a secret cabinet door in the kitchen. In it were a bottle of Absinthe and some light-hearted neighborhood gossip," shared Findmyremote. "I love this. We had the pleasure of meeting the previous owners before purchasing. A sweet elderly couple who was THRILLED to see a young family starting out," commented Desperate_Celery_99.

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