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Dog spends last day frolicking in the snow, thanks to kind park rangers: 'Rest well, snow queen'

The Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Department built a 'snow throne' for sweet girl Maggie so she could spend her last day doing her favorite thing.

Dog spends last day frolicking in the snow, thanks to kind park rangers: 'Rest well, snow queen'
Image Source: dog_rates / Twitter

In equally heartwarming and bittersweet news, an old dog in Utah spent the last day of her life doing her favorite thing: playing in the snow. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, officials from the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Department did everything in their control to ensure Maggie, a sweet pup, could enjoy her last day on Earth. Her experience was documented on Twitter, where social media users expressed their heartfelt condolences and joy with Maggie's parents. Since the post was first uploaded by the wildly popular account, We Rate Dogs, it has gained over 86,100 likes. It has also been shared over 10,000 times.


"This is Maggie," the Twitter account posted. "Playing in the snow was her favorite thing in the world, and she got to do it one final time thanks to the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Department. Their staff shaved extra ice, loaded it into bins, and gave it to her family, making Maggie’s last day very very special. 14/10 for all." The account also shared photos of Maggie enjoying her final moments with her parents. In one photo, Maggie's owner shared the request she had posted to Facebook in order to make this experience possible.


She had requested, "Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have put away for the season? Our sweet dog is passing of cancer on Monday. We want to build her one last snow bank to roll in. I have a vehicle and containers to transport. I am hoping for about 10 to 20 gallons of ice, I think, but am thankful for anything we can get. Saying goodbye to her on Monday around noon so willing to pay and pick up Monday morning in any reasonable distance from Sugar House. Maggie and both of us thank you all deeply for reading this."


The other pictures display Maggie's hill of snow and the sweet dog rolling around in her mountain of happiness with tennis balls and her family surrounding her. We Rate Dogs also posted a video of Maggie sitting on her "snow throne," as it was described. In the video, she sits beside a big yellow tennis ball and chews on the ice. A natural model, she also poses for the camera. In replies, other Twitter users expressed how "devastating and beautiful" the occasion was. Some posted artwork in Maggie's honor, while others shared their own experiences of saying goodbye to their loving pets.


One Twitter user expressed, "What wonderful parents she had." Another added, "This is so beautiful and so bloody heartbreaking all at once." "I always give my dogs their 'best day ever' when it appears the end is nigh but damn, this one for Maggie tops 'em all," a fellow dog parent posted. "Rest, sweet girl. Your work here is done." Rest well, sweet Maggie. You are so loved.


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