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Dog groomer gives his furry customers fabulous makeovers and the end results are pawtastic

He uses a non-toxic, vegan dye made just for dogs to transform his furry clients into zoo animals.

Dog groomer gives his furry customers fabulous makeovers and the end results are pawtastic
Cover Image Source: Instagram / Gabriel Fetiosa

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 13, 2023. It has since been updated.

Dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa has been raking in hundreds of thousands to millions of views over the past few years on his transformation videos, which add a unique spin to the standard wash and style grooming regimen. Instead of just doing a simple cut, the San Diego-based expert uses OPAWZ, a non-toxic, vegan dye made just for dogs, to transform his furry clients into zoo animals. I mean, pooches are already cute enough as it is but when you turn them into a literal fuzzy fluff with an ingenious haircut, it is the cutest thing ever. Feitosa's social media accounts are filled with videos of captivating doggy spa days. Here are some of the best ones we found:

1. Poochie Grinch


2. A Pokemon called fluffichu


3. We want a panda! The panda at home:


4. Birthday makeover


5. Monsters Inc.


Speaking to BuzzFeed, Feitosa shared that he was initially intrigued by the occupation after taking his sister's dog to the grooming parlor when he was younger. "I was 12 years [old] when I took my sister's dog to the grooming shop in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, a city on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil," he said. "I remember thinking that it was fascinating, what the groomer did for a living, [and] that she got paid to spend the days around puppies."

Feitosa continued, "I eventually asked her to teach me to bathe and dry my sister’s dog. It became an after-school job that I enjoyed and needed since I come from a very humble background and my family didn’t have much. I was drawn to spending a lot of time around puppies, of course, but also to the immense variety of looks and techniques out there to groom dogs. They look like living sculptures, and it's tough to learn how to groom every breed well. I guess the never-ending challenge of learning something new keeps me motivated."

6. Burberry who?


7. Marshmallows


8. Another day, another slay


9. Lisa Frank


10. Baby cheetah


It was this inspiration that encouraged Feitosa to create his well-known designs. "I found a way to channel my personality into commercial designs that any person could have their dog wearing," he said. "The inspiration came from the times that I used to spend with my dad watching animal documentaries on TV. I also find a lot of inspiration from games, movies, and cartoons. I think they look fashionable, fun, and nostalgic. The dogs get so much attention and love prancing the streets."

11. Moo bear


12. Vaporeon


13.  Flounder? This you?


14. A China doll


15. The peachy peach


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