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Daughter's dream comes true after embarking on first flight with dad as first officer-captain duo

From donning her dad's pilot hat as a toddler to wearing her own and accompanying her dad to the cockpit, MacKenzie's dream of becoming a pilot has reached new heights.

Daughter's dream comes true after embarking on first flight with dad as first officer-captain duo
Cover Image Source: Facebook| Southwest Airlines

Children often strive to be like their parents from a young age. Growing up, they get fascinated by their parents' looks, careers, kindness, or some aspect and look forward to being like them. MacKenzie Rennhack too, dreamed of becoming a pilot just like her father, per PEOPLE. This fascination was teamed up with a realistic passion and the young woman made her way to Southwest Airlines as first officer. Michael Rennhack, captain at the airlines, couldn’t be more proud of his young girl walking in his footsteps. The duo embarked upon a wholesome start by flying together for the first time as professional pilots. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Iddea Photo
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Iddea Photo

Southwest Airlines shared a glimpse of MacKenzie and her dad, together with the rest of the family after their journey together. “Like father, like daughter,” the post read before diving into a nostalgic background of MacKenzie’s journey. “First Officer MacKenzie always knew she wanted to be a Pilot. She was even inspired to dress up like her dad, Captain Michael, in her elementary school days!” the post read. The father-daughter’s joy at the wholesome event was shared in an interview with ABC Arizona. Sharing glimpses of MacKenzie as a toddler overly enthusiastic beside her dad at work, the first officer mentioned that she “felt at the top of the world,” wearing her dad’s hat at career day in school. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kelly
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kelly

The airlines shared another vivid memory that marked the start of MacKenzie's journey to aviation on a realistic note. “Once gifted a ‘discovery flight’ (a short introductory flight for those interested in taking the first step toward earning their pilot's license), MacKenzie knew she was meant to fly,” the caption explained. At 18, she approached her dad, expressing her interest in his career. From that minute, her proud dad knew that it was more than just a possibility. She recalled his daughter being an “overachiever” all her life. "110% isn’t good enough, she’ll get a little bit better, she’ll push a little bit harder,” he remarked. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Rachel Claire
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Rachel Claire

From thereon, there was hustle, passion and much support and encouragement for the young woman. “MacKenzie pursued her passion at Arizona State University, where she participated in the University Pathway of the Southwest Airlines Destination 225° Pilot Pathways Program,” the airline explained. After completing the program, MacKenzie joined the airlines her dad worked for and is super thrilled to work alongside him. The dad delightfully announced as captain ahead of their first flight as coworkers, sharing that the same was special for him, “I have my mom onboard and my wife here too,” he said. With much pride, he added, “My daughter is here too, she will be your first officer.” 


To mark the beginning of MacKenzie's career and a core journey with her dad as a professional, the duo got their family aboard to make their first flight. MacKenzie shared that while the duo are still figuring things out, the awkward part is addressing him. “I don’t know what to call him - Dad, Mike or Captain,” she said with a chuckle. The dad gets emotional thinking about how proud his daughter has made him to this day. With tears in his eyes, he was at a loss for words speaking in the interview. “My little girl,” is all he could bring himself to say, seeing MacKenzie in her uniform right beside him.

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