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"More room for you in my heart": Daughter charts her love for mom

With crayon and paper, a girl crafts a heartfelt argument on loving her mom the most.

"More room for you in my heart": Daughter charts her love for mom
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto; X | @aussiastronomer

Parents and their young children share an absolute and unconditional bond. Children's raw and authentic expressions prove their innocent and overwhelming love in countless ways. Dr. Jessie Christiansen, who goes by @aussiastronomer on X, shared a post about her wholesome experience with her daughter. The little girl turned the whole idea of love into an adorable competition and amusingly ‘proved’ that she had so much more love for her mom than her mother could have for her.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Brett Sayles
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Brett Sayles

Christiansen explained that who-loves-who-more is an ongoing playful debate she and her daughter have had for some time. To make her case, the daughter put forth a clever diagram illustrating the idea that since her mother’s heart had been filled from so many other experiences, labeled in the drawing as “experienses,” she had less space to love the girl. Sharing the rough drawing her daughter made, the mom penned a caption, “My daughter’s ‘scientific proof’ that she loves me more than I love her is that my heart is full of other experiences whereas hers is less.” In the illustration, the daughter is depicted as having far more free space to accommodate her love for her mother, thus innocently proving that she loves her mother more.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

I’m kind of impressed,” Christiansen wrote. The picture consisted of a messy doodle of 2 hearts, one titled “My heart,” indicating the girl’s heart, and the other, “Your heart,” indicating the mum’s heart. The girl scribbled over almost the entire space on her mom’s heart and titled that huge space “Other experienses.” With the little portion remaining, she divided the same, further allocating space for the rest of her family members. “Dad, Clara, Hugo,” she wrote in 3 different tiny sections left in the mom’s heart. While three-fourths of the mom’s heart was categorized as “Experiences,” there was just a tiny portion of love for the daughter.

Coming to the girl’s heart, she divided the drawing into three equal parts. “Way less experienses,” the girl titled the portion. The remaining two equal parts comprised a portion for her mom and dad. “Proof,” she wrote with a red crayon in large letters in the center of the paper.

Commenters applauded the girl for her adorable intellect and gesture. @DanielFRoddy wrote, “Well done. That’s a smart one.” @EdselSalvana remarked, “I noticed she drew her heart smaller, but even the absolute size of the divisions in hers is larger than the portion in yours, smart girl.”




Other parents could not help but pitch in about their children’s similar shenanigans. @msgphoto said, “Solid argument. My son routinely tells me he loves his mother more. no paperwork required.” @DoctorCheri recalled her experience, “I made a similar argument once that my mother did love my sister more because my sister is older and she always said she loved us a little more every day. Mom had to agree. Talk about a hollow victory!” 


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