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Daughter fulfills her terminally ill mother's wish and takes her to the beach in a moving video

The wholesome video showed a mom and daughter enjoying their time at the beach.

Daughter fulfills her terminally ill mother's wish and takes her to the beach in a moving video
Cover Image Source: Reddit / u/subodh_2302

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 10, 2023. It has since been updated.

We all know that nothing lasts forever. One day, everyone you love and cherish will be gone and so will you. It is the hard truth of life that nobody likes to discuss because it will bring tears to your eye. But on the bright side, it is alright because that's how life is supposed to be. A part of the journey is the end. It is why we make memories. They allow us to relive moments and different parts of our lives, like a movie that we can take with us wherever we go. So, while there's still air in your lungs and love in your heart, make unforgettable memories. Don't miss any opportunities to live and enjoy life because one day it won't be there anymore.

We all love our mothers and will do anything for them, like this woman, who took her mother to the beach one last time before she died from a terminal illness. A video posted on Reddit's most wholesome page (r/MadeMeSmile) shows a mom and daughter enjoying their time at the beach. The duo laughs heartily while the daughter takes a bowl of water and gently pours it over her mom's head, who is clearly having a blast. They both dance, holding hands and the daughter takes refuge in her mom's lap and lays there for some time to take all this in. Soon after, they both pray for this beautiful day and head home.


At the end of the video, she sweetly applies lotion to her mom's arms and feeds her a little something. She tells her mom about all the hardships they faced while she was young and how grateful she is for every second that passes. "I remember that when I was little, you looked for a thousand ways to give me everything I needed", she tells her mom. "I will never forget all the sacrifices that you have made for me, mom." She goes on to add that sometimes they didn't even have enough money to eat, to which her mom replied, "I did what I could." Gratitude is a powerful force and this daughter is giving back all the love and care that her mom gave her when she was little. Therefore, when you share what you are grateful for in an environment such as this, it holds even more value.

Woman spending time with her elderly mother. (Getty Images / zeljkosantrac)
Woman spends time with her elderly mother. (Getty Images / zeljkosantrac)

People were applauding the daughter in the comment section for taking care of her mom's declining health because not many people do that anymore. Nowadays, people take everything for granted. In the face of reality, they escape and look for something that is easier and requires less work and attention. Our parents spend their entire lives looking out for us, making sure we have everything we need and taking care of them when they are old and grey is the least we can do for them. "This honestly had me in tears. Losing my mother was the worst thing I've ever experienced in life. Seeing the amazing relationship between these two beautiful souls brings me joy I cannot put into words," commented u/DuffmanLikesReddit

Reddit user u/Relevant_Demand7593 took the words right out of our mouth, saying: "Beautiful mother and daughter, I could feel their joy at the beach." Honestly, we all can. Moreover, the next time your parents ask you anything or try to talk to you about something, be attentive. Our parents are so used to comforting us when we are in need that it is difficult for them to do so on their own. Refrain from taking things for granted, make everything count and be mindful of elements that make you truly happy.

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