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Dad takes his daughter out on an exciting 'pick a card' date and her reaction will melt your heart

After she picked a card, he took her to Target, had sushi with her, and even gave her a foot massage.

Dad takes his daughter out on an exciting 'pick a card' date and her reaction will melt your heart
Image Source: TikTok/Madison Chavez

The new social media trend of a "pick a card" date is extremely adorable and heartwarming. In these TikTok videos, one person takes their loved one out on a date and the things they do are gradually dictated by blindly picking up a card from two options. These videos are a delight to watch as you see the person fulfilling whatever their loved one chooses. In one such TikTok video, a father made the decision to arrange a "pick a card" date. However, he deviated from the popular trend and set up a date for his little daughter instead of his wife. 

Image Source: TikTok/Madison Chavez
Image Source: TikTok/thechavezfamilyy


Joshua Chavez, who goes by the handle @thechavesfamilyy on TikTok, wrote alongside the video, "The best date of my life." Chavez is married to Madison Chavez, and the two of them regularly post videos on YouTube and TikTok about their lives as parents to their four kids, Kayden, Channing, Indie, and Isla, per Scary Mommy. The first thing Chavez does in the video is he hands his daughter, Indie, two cards that read, "Shopping Spree at Target" or "Trip to Disney World." Indie chose Target and was very excited to pick up toys from the store. Since she can't read yet, she was unaware that she was one step away from going to Disney World. 


Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok/thechavezfamilyy


Next, Indie was given the option of a treat of sushi or Starbucks. This time Indie decides on sushi and is seen beaming and jovially stamping her feet. We then observe Chavez and Indie enjoying a substantial portion of sushi on their kitchen island. Either a tea party or a spa night was the choice for the evening's last activity. After Indie chose to go for the spa night she received a relaxing foot massage while lounging on the couch. She even had cucumber slices placed over her eyelids. Her dad also joined in, putting a robe and a wrapped towel on his head to match the spa theme. 

The adorable video touched the hearts of many TikTok users and garnered over 7 million views and counting. There are also several comments by people appreciating the little moments in the video. One user, Effie Kalantzis, commented, "The way she got excited before she even read the cards. What a sweetie!" Another person, Lex Degollado, said, "The best part is she has no idea what any of it says but she’s so excited her little anticipation." 



TikTok user, Jennika Ulloa, said, "Real men let their daughters paint their nails or do their girl activities with them." Many others appreciated the father being involved in everything his daughter likes and does. "She is so adorable and she is very lucky to have you as her daddy," Theresa Scales commented. Social media is brimming with these sweet "pick a card" videos and there is another one that is extremely special. Posted by content creator Paris Kinsey aka @brotherofcolor on TikTok, the video features his sister who seems to be in a bad mood. The brother takes her out and asks her to pick cards which gradually dictates the activities of their whole day. In the video, he ends up giving her $40, buying her new shoes, a meal from Panera bread, and even going ahead and getting her a pet dog. It is a wholesome video that relays the strong bond between the siblings. 

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