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Dad shares how his 7-year-old autistic daughter traded lunch to get him a priceless gift

He was stunned to see that his little daughter would go out of her way to give a special gift to him out of the blue.

Dad shares how his 7-year-old autistic daughter traded lunch to get him a priceless gift
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/lifeandtimes89

The value of a gift is measured by the thought not the cost. Handwritten notes, paintings, and sentimental gifts take up a huge part of our hearts compared to expensive clothing and jewelry. Moreover, if this gift comes from a child, it holds the purest of intentions. Reddit user u/lifeandtimes89 posted about the gift that his autistic daughter gave him that he will cherish forever. The dad was extremely thrilled to share that his daughter had given him a gift.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Brett Sayles
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Brett Sayles

The gist was Arsenal player cards, 6 of them including the iconic Cedric Soares and William Saliba among others. For those who are not aware, these cards are of the football team Arsenal. They contain various attributes of popular players and are often considered collectibles for die-hard fans. To add more, these cards are usually limited and hard to find. Hence, the father was thrilled about the gift and the way his daughter worked to get it from him. He posted the image of the cards with the caption, “For the last week my 7-year-old daughter has been trading parts of her school lunch to gain Arsenal player cards, just to give to me.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/lifeandtimes89
Image Source: Reddit | u/lifeandtimes89

Having posted on the r/Gunners forum, several people were shocked and envied the fact that the dad got the much-demanded Arsenal cards and had such a loving daughter. u/whydidisaythatwhy said, “She’s goated. Also, I never knew I needed Arsenal trading cards before.” u/stickyblack said, “Your daughter is one of us. Protect her, she is way too wholesome. Good job pops!” The 7-year-old’s dad couldn’t get enough of his daughter’s heart-melting gift and reposted the news on the r/Daddit forum. Here he also added that his daughter had Autism Spectrum Disorder. He said, “She's ASD and has a really hard time regulating her emotions so this hits way more than I was expecting.”

Image Source: Reddit/u/WorkingClass_Nero
Image Source: Reddit | u/WorkingClass_Nero


Image Source: Reddit/u/assoncouchouch
Image Source: Reddit | u/assoncouchouch

People were in awe of this little girl's gesture and also the efforts her parents had put in to raise her like that. A Reddit user commented, “You have raised an amazing little person so far! That’s so amazing and impressive for a 7-year-old.” It is indeed brilliant that a 7-year-old would plan such a thoughtful gesture for her dad leaving a wholesome impact most simply.

Dads and daughters are known to share a special bond from the very beginning. The ‘Daddy’s girl’ title allows fathers to take pride in their little princesses and protect them with all their hearts. A similar instance was shared by @ivetteivens who captured her husband and 3-month-old daughter gleefully doing a melodious duet. While the baby couldn’t say words, she was able to understand her father. Her dad, who sang random tunes with “ooh-ah’ as lyrics, was imitated by his baby in the sweetest manner.

Image Source: Instagram/@ivetteivens
Image Source: Instagram | @ivetteivens

As they continued to sing, the dad decided to take things up a notch in the already wholesome moment. Instead of singing the “oh-ah” as usual in their duet, the dad said, “Daddy loves you.” The best part about this was, though the little one didn’t know the meaning of the words nor could imitate them, she understood the emotion and gave the biggest smile as if to say, “I love you too.” A dad and daughter’s bond is truly irreplaceable, they will always be the “little girls” in their father's eyes while the dads will be, “handsome heroes.”

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