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Dad has a wholesome reaction to being reunited with oldest sister after 10 years in a surprise meet

He hadn't seen his oldest sister for 10 years till his loved ones surprised him with a reunion which is too beautiful to watch.

Dad has a wholesome reaction to being reunited with oldest sister after 10 years in a surprise meet
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles

As one grows older, they may drift from their families for several reasons like travel, career, families, further studies and so on, to name a few. Being able to reunite with them as and when possible is one of the most wholesome things a person could long for. When this reunion comes in the form of a surprise, it’s even more heartwarming and endearing. JP–who goes on Instagram by @percy_miracles–shared a video of a surprise that has become a tear-jerker for viewers. He surprised his dad with one of the best gifts: family. The video had a text overlay that read, “My dad hadn’t seen his oldest sister for 10 years. October 6th, 2023, we changed that!”

Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles
Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles

The video captures the dad sitting in the front seat of a car when his oldest sister makes her way to the car’s door. As soon as he sees her, his face lights up with mixed emotions. Full of surprise and excitement, the dad remarks, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The dad is about to take off his seatbelt to get out of the car when he gets overwhelmed with emotion. He simply stops and covers his head and eyes in disbelief and happiness, unable to comprehend the magnitude of joy he’s feeling. The man stays still in the car, covering his eyes and holding back his tears for a while, before one of his family members yells, “Surprise!”

Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles
Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles

The dad can not put his emotions into words and his expression itself says it all. He then gets excited all over again to meet his sister and is taken aback, trying to figure out how to quickly get to her. He takes off his seatbelt and with confused yet happy emotions, gets out of the car. The brother-sister duo exchanges the longest and most emotional embrace, causing both of them to shed tears of joy.

The caption of the video explained the behind-the-scenes of the event. It read, “5 weeks of planning⁣⁣, 2,665 miles traveled⁣⁣, the greatest surprise of 2023⁣⁣. 10 years is a mighty long time. Distance is temporary, but our love is everlasting!” By far, the viral video has gained over 1 million views, 145k likes and several comments. Also, viewers were bawling over the immense love the reunion portrayed by the sibling.

Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles
Image Source: Instagram| @percy_miracles

Without many words, the entire video managed to capture a thousand emotions. @maiya.pliar expressed the dad’s feelings, saying, “He doesn’t know whether to cry, roll the window up, get out the car, Lawd! And now he got me over here crying, too!” @eastsideezwright said, “You can tell she helped raise him. Good vibes.” @breaababyy_ revealed a painful truth, saying, “We forget we grow up together in the same house and then go years without seeing each other life is so crazy.” While other commenters tried to stay all macho, the video did get the best of them and left them in tears of joy. @maddluv said, “Someone‘s cutting onions in here.” @mreandmrse said, “Now ain’t nobody finna be crying up here, okay yeah, I am.” 

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