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Girl who battled leukemia is now cancer-free and full of hope despite losing both her parents

She lost her mother in an accident and her father to blood cancer within months.

Girl who battled leukemia is now cancer-free and full of hope despite losing both her parents
Image Source: Youtube/KSAT 12

Leukemia is a deadly and very prevalent form of cancer in the United States and across the world. According to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, every three united a person is diagnosed with blood cancer in the country. It is an expensive treatment to go through and several fundraisers and mutual aid are given to cancer research and treatment. Emerie Servantes was also battling blood cancer after losing both of her parents, per KSAT.


Emerie’s grandma Linda Servantes explained that she lost both her parents Johnny Ray Servantes and Jessica Brill. She explained, "She lost her mom on March 27, 2022. A drunk driver killed her on the South Side. And so she just had Daddy left, right. And then her Daddy got cancer." Only 21 days after receiving his diagnosis, on September 29th, Johnny passed away. Before his treatments could begin, his heart had stopped.  

Linda said, "It hurts so bad. I expect him to come through the door and pick her up to take her and he’s not coming." However, even after facing such tragedy of losing her parents within months and battling cancer for two years, Emerie is still full of hope. She celebrated her fifth birthday last December and wanted "Peppa Pig figurines," for the special day. Linda said of her party, "They’re going to have a petting zoo. They’re going to have a chocolate thing for the strawberries, right? Marshmallows."


Her remission was also honored during the party. After battling leukemia for the past two years, Emerie is finally cancer-free. Linda said, "You still have to go for another two years for more stuff and checkups and stuff. But that would be great if she just stays healthy ‘til December 17th so we can make it." This party was actually planned by Emerie's dad before he died and was sad and special at the same time. 

Linda asked Emerie during the interview, "Where’s Mommy and daddy?" and the 5-year-old replied, "With Jesus." Linda always has tales of how much Emerie's parents adored her handy, along with pictures of them. Emerie points at her dad's photos and calls him, "Superman" and Linda explained, "That’s her dad’s favorite, Superman." She is grateful that before he died away, Johnny showed her how to take care of her granddaughter's cancer. Linda said, "I’m really thankful that my son kind of gave me everything I needed before he left."


Several charitable organizations support Linda as she looks for Emerie. One of them is the Gabriella's Smile Foundation and One Campaign At A Time is attempting to fulfill Johnny's wish, which was to take Emerie to Disney World, by holding their own fundraising. Linda said of the campaign, "You know, they sent us $3,000 so she could have a beautiful Christmas. Get our Christmas tree. She picked out all the ornaments. Everything," per Kens5.

To assist the family with medical expenses and to fund Emerie's trip to the Kalahari Resort in Round Rock later this month, the campaign is still trying to reach $50,000. Linda said, "She’s all excited cause, all her cousins are going. My son, daughter-in-law and the kids. And then I think my daughter’s gonna go too, and my grandson and her fiancé. So, it’s going to be nice that it’s all of us."

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