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Cat refuses to leave man's side after he rescued it from under the earthquake rubble in Turkey

A heartwarming video of a cat being rescued from the rubble of the recent earthquake that struck Turkey was recently shared.

Cat refuses to leave man's side after he rescued it from under the earthquake rubble in Turkey
Cover Image Source: Reddit/tinyblackberry

On February 6, a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, claiming the lives of at least 42,087 people. Rescue operations are currently underway in several areas of both countries. Though there has been some success initially, the hope of finding survivors is fading gradually. Videos of the destruction have been circulating the internet, and while they are heartbreaking, there are also videos that give us hope. One such video features a rescue worker in Turkey who was able to save a cat from under the rubble. This video has been providing some much-needed light in the midst of such darkness.



Both Turkey and Syria have been incredibly affected by this tragedy, and it will undoubtedly take a long time for them to recover. It is up to us to keep the hope alive, and to continue to provide aid and support to those affected. The earthquake has caused immense destruction throughout the region, leaving many homeless and withstanding the harsh winter weather. In response, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a state of emergency in ten provinces for a period of three months.

In between all the chaos, a heartwarming video of a cat being rescued from rubble in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey recently was shared on Reddit. This video showed that the cat perched on the rescuer's shoulder, demonstrating its great trust in the rescuer. On the other hand, the rescuer, who was part of the search and rescue team, explained that this was the second rescue they had made of a Van cat on the fourth day of the earthquake.

The cat was handed back to its owner after the first rescue. The rescuer decided to name this second cat 'Enkaz,' meaning rubble, to serve as a reminder of the harrowing event. The rescuer also revealed that they shared all of their food and drink with the cat, as it had yet to leave their side. Furthermore, the rescuer was still trying to seek out the owner of the cat in the hopes of reuniting them with their beloved pet. However, the rescuer said it was becoming increasingly likely that they would have to take the cat with them, keeping it as a memory. A lot of people had something to say about this heartwarming video.

Image Source: Reddit/Rom-TheVacuousSpider
Image Source: Reddit/Rom-TheVacuousSpider


One user wrote, "Kitty on camera exudes more poise and calm confidence than any public figure that I've seen. I'd watch every press conference kitty appears in and believe every word of it!" “I see a sadness in this cat. I keep it by my side, especially in case the owner comes. But if the owner doesn't come out, I'm thinking of taking him with me, it will be a memory." Oh god, another one commented.

Image Source: Reddit/ Harrytuttle2006
Image Source: Reddit/ Harrytuttle2006


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